I’ve just figured out my personality type.

No, I’m not talking about A, B, C, or D, when A means that one always has to be multitasking, but I’m that type, too. I also don’t mean the type based on birth order, because I almost seem to defy that stereotype, as well. I’m the third born child but the FIRST daughter of my family so that might account for it.

If I had to label my personality type, I’d call myself the “Do Battle Girl” type. I have to fight injustice or at least call it out like Elwood Watson…


Click on the link above and you’ll find an exceptionally inspirational story about a hug.

A hug. Big deal, right? WRONG!!

Science has proved that hugs and other loving, physical contact can be healing on many levels and in many ways.

Four Ways Hugs Are Good for Your Health

10 Health Benefits Of Hugging, Backed By Science

how many hugs do we need a day

benefits of hugging for 20 seconds

psychology of hugs

why are hugs so powerful

why do tight hugs help anxiety

Can A Hug Have Therapeutic Benefits? — Concorde Career …

So kudos to the teacher who was in that moment…

Let’s play: Which of these things is not like the other.

This is a game that some of you will remember from Sesame Street. That was the very wholesome children’s show that taught us manners, tolerance for others, and some of the basics of life like counting, ABCs and the fact that seeds grow into plants. I’ll give you four things and one of them will be a bit different from the other three.

  1. It takes two to tango?
  2. Why didn’t she keep her legs closed?
  3. Why did she get pregnant if she didn’t want to be a mom?
  4. Why…

Is it just me or is the world turned on its head and becoming more ridiculous?

It’s not just in America, either. I saw that in the UK, recently, a woman was in her own backyard, and not in easy view of others when she breastfed her baby. The neighbors objected and the husband knocked to tell her that her breastfeeding was making his wife sad because she couldn’t have a child.

My parents taught me to mind my own business, when I was a kid, and it’s a shame that the nosy neighbors weren’t taught to do the same.

Most hate is born of ignorance and intolerance but sometimes it’s important to NOT tolerate some things as long as that hate motivates us to take appropriate actions.

This was my reply to a woman on FB who facetiously asked if it was racist to love the Chinese but hate their government.

To my way of thinking many of the countries that we consider to be “developed” and “civilized” have slid back in time and have lost most of the veneer of education and acceptance of “The Other”.

I’ve touched on our treatment of “The Other” many times before, and…

I’m not the only one that’s been saying it.


Why Democracy Is on the Decline in the United States

American Democracy Isn’t Dead Yet, but It’s Getting There

Even BBC News is saying it, and they have no stake in reporting for American ratings, so they can report the FACTS.

I see friends and loved ones, all around me, finally coming to this same conclusion, when I’ve been trying for the past 6 years to open their eyes. They’re still hanging onto the hope that the US political system and the US itself can still be “fixed”.

Up until…

Rest in Peace America

You’ve composed your own dirge

And sewn your own shroud

You’ve managed to alienate quite a large crowd

Only for etiquette’s sake

Your grasping hand I take

Your clawed hand veined and gnarled with greed

Spotted with age

Ages of fouling the air

You now struggle to breathe

R.I.P. America

My eyes are gritty with that very same air

Void of tears for your imminent demise

I wonder if your dying eyes are too glassy to see

To see yourself fail

Under the revolutions you’ve fed

I wonder at the signs that you’ve never read


It’s okay to say God Bless America!-

Congresswoman Mary Miller

It’s in our National Anthem and on monuments and we hear it at every turn, including from the mouth of Congresswoman Mary Miller, recently, via Facebook.

My opinion about saying “God bless America” may be terribly unpopular and I’m going to lay it out anyway:

Saying “God bless America” is the ultimate hypocritical statement.

If those who said “God bless America” meant it then it would follow that they’d want and strive for every single American to be blessed with “enough”.

They’d find a way for there to be enough homes to house the homeless.

They’d figure out how to distribute enough…

California is one of only 11 states that has no minimum age requirement for marriage.

Yes, it happens.

Not only that but it happens often and it happens right here in California and in most of the rest of the United States.

There are several countries that have long ago banned this atrocious crime against humanity and done away with the exceptions. They have learned that it’s a good first step to preventing the “war on women” and other physical abuses.

When young girls are raised to believe that they are chattel then that is what they know for life…

Someone on Nextdoor dot com was pouring her heart out to us because she had lost her dog on the fourth of July because he had gotten out of the yard in a panic when the fireworks started early. He had run into the street and gotten hit by a car.

At the time she was out with her two kids (because the Dad wasn’t home yet or wasn’t in the picture) buying calming treats for her dog.

Someone took the opportunity to do some victim shaming, saying that she should have left someone home with the dog or left…

Sue Hirsch

Activist, Author, Secular Humanist, National of California, Wife, Mom, Daughter

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