Our Roots


Somehow, I couldn’t make the image show up, here, so the link to the image, is above, for those who can stomach it………..

You can’t have it both ways.

Either we belong HERE. Or we don’t. We certainly didn’t belong HERE:

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The symbols in the image, the flags, the shirts, and the body language, come from Europe, and Europe has admitted the shame in those symbols. They have, ever since called that genocide: The Crimes of Germany.

If we lay claim to those ancient European symbols of hatefulness, then we have no right to any claim on American land, and we should go back to our mother country- Europe.

We are invaders. The Indigenous Peoples of America, would benefit greatly, by our leaving. They would get to leave their reservations, and they would no longer have to fear for their lives. We have only ever kidnapped, raped, converted and killed them.



And when we revive those ancient and senseless symbols of hate for Jews, we are sending a message to Jewish people, everywhere that they are not welcome, here, in the United States. We are telling them that they should not bring any more of their inventiveness here, or their contributions to our society that helped to make America great, like the ones here:




When we use symbols of hate, to exclude ANYONE, we declare ourselves, TO THE WORLD, to be xenophobic, and we lose tourism dollars.

tRump has made this declaration for us, and our tourism and hospitality industries suffered immediate financial loss:





And when we support a man, that insults Mexico, we only prove our own ignorance and forgetfulness of our history. We weren’t even the first INVADERS of this land. The Spanish invaded the Americas, before we did, and we take for granted that we have paid homage to them, in the naming of cities and streets, ever since: Las Angeles; San Francisco; Californio….


We also send a strong message to Latinos, when we do that, that we don’t want their contributions to our economy or our society. Forgetting their contributions is economic suicide:



If you’re going to wave a flag of hate, then I suppose that there is nothing stopping you from being hypocritical about it, and using the inventions that have come from South and Central America, like these:


And using these ideas, given to the world by Latinas:


And these inventions, given to us by African Americans:


Have you ever gone without using your refrigerator for a week? What about traffic signals? What if you someday need a blood transfusion? Would you prefer to die, rather than use blood from a blood bank?

Blood banks were a concept given to us by an African American.

Also, over 40% of our Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants, and that is the backbone of the US economy.

We are all richer, today, (or were, until tRump) for having offered the American Dream to EVERYONE who came to our shores. The Irish dug the coal from our mines that fueled our trains. The Asians built our railroad tracks that allowed us to haul cargo back and forth that we needed hauled; and our Black slaves picked our cotton so that we could keep the land that we had invaded. They also built the White House, where a new would be slave owner rules.


He and his sycophants have just sent a clear message to WOMEN as well that WE are second class citizens. They are secure in their belief that we will accept the rule of rapists and pedophiles in government. They are set to make policies that limit our freedoms when it comes to our reproductive health, wellness and basic safety under the law. They believe it, because we have shown that we are all too willing to be told whom to hate, and the minute we fail to uphold the promise of our flag, for ONE person or group, we set ourselves up for that same mistreatment and breaking of that same promise.

In that, we have been failing OURSELVES, ever since we invaded the Americas, but we can still turn it around:





Activist, Author, Secular Humanist, National of California, Wife, Mom, Daughter

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Sue Hirsch

Sue Hirsch

Activist, Author, Secular Humanist, National of California, Wife, Mom, Daughter

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