Sue Hirsch
2 min readDec 14, 2020


Article link from FB, shared by JOHN VODONICK:

A new California bill would require a 4-year degree to become a cop

So I found this on Facebook, along with some comments on the original post. What follows is a comment and my reply to the comment, with names removed for privacy’s sake.


Problem is, common sense, decency, and compassion are not necessarily linked to a college degree. Case in point, the orange pos.


Well said. Totally agree. At the same time, by the end of a college career, at least some of us have the arrogance knocked out of us, and have learned things like basic psychology, which helps us to be capable of deescalating volatile situations, without resorting to force, because it’s the only (and shouldn’t be the only) tool on the police belt.

More education would mean more “tools”. It would also give the schools time to teach martial arts, so that the need for/use of excessive force and lethal weapons, later, could be reduced. You’re still, right, though. Even after all that, some people just never learn to not be d*cks, because that’s a thing that needs to be taught from toddler age: Keep your hands to yourself, Golden Rule, wait your turn, be honest, if you can’t say something nice ……, be helpful, share, etc. All great life lessons that really can’t be learned unless they’re taught from preschool until the end of high school, at the very least and just as we give homework in academia, there needs to be follow up in the home.

Sadly, a lot of kids are in homes that are plagued with self- centered, irresponsible parents or worse. ……..So the focus may really need to become parenting classes, and family counseling resources geared toward getting feedback from the kids, somehow, as to whether or not, they feel safe and loved at home.

When things like that begin to become the focus, it should follow that we can slightly (read: significantly) defund the police. (Some police funding would be going to social service agencies, whose agents tend to be fully capable of restraining violent people, when their de-escalation techniques are failing, because someone has gone off their meds or is Autistic and is having a meltdown). So the fact that our police are over-weaponized and under-educated is only a small part of an enormous societal problem that we have to solve, TOGETHER.

If we don’t get together to come up with a successful solution that MUST NEEDS BE MANY FACETED, then we are modeling that failure to do so, for our children, as well as a lack of interest in doing so.