I can’t remember how the topic of Elizabeth Warren’s heritage came up, but I’ve no doubt that tRump brought it up. He brought up the topic of Obama’s heritage, and insisted on all the racist policies that are currently dividing America and weakening her economy.

But even if he ISN’T the one that brought it up, it really doesn’t matter.

  • Your DNA doesn’t entitle you to respect.
  • Your DNA doesn’t make you smart.
  • Your DNA doesn’t make you rich.
  • Your DNA doesn’t get you into a good college or a good job.

When people deal with me honestly and respectfully, they earn my reciprocal respect and honesty.

I’ve seen tRump on tv being a boor.

I’ve seen him not paying his debts. I’ve seen him lying, cheating and insulting people, communities, and whole countries. I’ve seen him inciting violence at his campaign rallies, and rolling back policies that were put in place by his predecessor, to help his fellow Americans.

I’ve seen him commit these and other crimes against humanity, rather than treating people with respect.

Those things speak louder to me, than his DNA, his riches, his intelligence or where he went to school.

I wouldn’t have business dealings with him, much less trust him in a position of responsibility or influence. His unfitness for the job of president was plain to see, long before he had the idea of running:

He had dodged FIVE drafts, declared FOUR bankruptcies, and cheated on FOUR wives and one UNIVERSITY of students. He hadn’t paid taxes, in about a decade, and thought that that made him “smart”. He had also been sued OVER 4,000 TIMES.

I fail to see how any of that made him the classier or more capable candidate, over Hillary Clinton.

I fail to see how that made him more respectable or believable than Elizabeth Warren or ANYONE.

I fail to see how or why a DNA test was needed to give legitimacy to Elizabeth Warren or her ideas on policy making, on the Congressional Floor.

Unlike tRump, Elizabeth Warren had political experience that outranked tRump’s when he was treasonously installed in the Oval Office. She had been a Senator and a University Law Professor.

She hadn’t been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, as tRump was. Even so, she used her intelligence to SERVE her students, as a Law Professor and her country, as a Congress Woman.

I am exhausted from recounting tRump’s many crimes against humanity. I’m boggled as to why I have to point out his obvious lack of class and tact in dealing with the many subcultures of our Nation, and the world at large. I’m CONFOUNDED by those who say that they were bamboozled into voting for tRump, when there was a much classier and more experienced candidate standing beside him.

Like Elizabeth Warren, Hillary had been a Lawyer and a Congress Person, and tRump had been neither. He had been a boorish celebrity, and never a philanthropist. He had never served in the military, and neither had any member of his family.

DNA can’t tell you if someone has or will serve in the military. It can’t tell you if a person will become a chef, engineer or painter. And it can’t tell you, if a person will take the time to teach their children COMMON DECENCY.

From what I can see, tRump’s parents didn’t do that.

What DNA can and has told us is that we all came from the same region of the world, and that there is


So now we know that we have a “president” who lacks decency, grace, tact and political experience. AND we now know, that he also doesn’t bother to keep up with the latest and most basic scientific research.

We know that keeping up with the research is possible, because Canada has a Prime Minister who managed to keep abreast of it. His name is Justin Trudeau:

We also know that it’s possible for a leader to exercise decorum. We’ve had many who did. In fact, Obama did it particularly well, in the face of great disrespect and obstructionism:

And Obama put up with this kind of obstructionism and rudeness, for EIGHT YEARS and is STILL PUTTING UP WITH IT. ……….POLITELY.

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