Chrisitanity and Other Terrible Ideas

Sue Hirsch
8 min readJan 28, 2020

I’m still on an Atheistic tear, this morning, so if you were hurt and offended by my previous blog post,

you may want to scroll past this one.

In that last blog post, I presented my case that The Church is the root of all evil, on the basis of sex crimes, alone. Here, I will postulate, that those who uphold The Church, and still follow such “leaders” as can molest their children are not the most forward thinking folk.

My first case in point and exhibit A:

Wow. Really tRump follower? Let’s just make you and your family suffer through the same kind of slavery that we forced on Black slaves for a few years, and see if slavery still seems like such a great idea to you, after you’ve been separated from your family, regularly beaten, and made to do hard labor on a nearly empty belly, in the fields on a daily basis for those few years.

And what ever happened to all those passages where Jesus said things like “Do unto others”?

Oh! There they are!!

So of course, you’d want to be treated the same way we European Colonists treated our slaves, before the Civil War. Why ever wouldn’t you want to live by the word of your Lord and Savior?

And then there’s this article that says that a lot of you really like the idea of an authoritarian style of governance:

Not only that, but that you are ALLOWING this “authoritarian” government to play on your belief that you are more entitled to the good things in life than others and that you’re NOT getting those things, BECAUSE of those others.

If you’ve been following me, here on Medium, I’ve posted blog after blog with links to statistics related to the fact that immigrants are a boon to our economy, and here I’ll also mention that Jews were not the bane of good, German economy in the 40s, and as a sect, are not behind tRump’s impeachment, Today.

Sue Hirsch