Who Do They Think They’re Fooling?

Dear Evangelicals,

You chose your god. He’s the god of charisma, profit, pollution and bigotry. He’s a fear and hate mongering god. He’s a god of treason, lies, misogyny and gluttony.

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Don’t make me laugh, Evangelicals, Nationalists (read: White Supremacists) and other Far Right Folk.

You don’t get to back a man who cheated on 4 wives and continue to say that you have any morality to speak of:


You don’t get to back a man who is accused of multiple counts of violating women, and continue to say that you know morality:


You don’t get to back a man who dodged 5 drafts, then insulted those who had served, and the families of those who had died serving, honorably, and continue to say that you know any sort of morality:



You don’t get to back a man who reneged on his deals with contractors and lawyers, through his entire life, often by declaring bankruptcy, and continue to say that you have morals:


You don’t get to back a man who steals from social security, leading you to believe that it’s an “entitlement”, and continue to tell us that you have morals:


You don’t get to back a man who cut heating assistance for our elderly, housing aid, and after school programs ……….and continue to tell us that you have morals:


You don’t get to back a man who incited violence at every one of his campaign rallies, and continue to tell us that you have morals:


You don’t get to back a man who constantly makes environmentally unhealthy policy, and tell us that you have morals:


You don’t get to back a man who wastes taxpayer money on golfing to the tune of OVER 72 MILLION DOLLARS, while he still hasn’t visited our troops in a war zone, and still say you have morals:


You don’t get to back a man who has separated THOUSANDS of asylum seeking families, as they crossed the border, going so far as to instruct ICE agents to rip babies from the arms of their parents, and not return them, and still tell us that you have morals:


You don’t get to back a man that turns his back on, or actively makes war on his own people, and tell us that you have morals:




You can tell us, until you’re blue in the face that you’re following the teachings of the bible or of your god, and all it will ever be is lip service. We’ve seen how you care about America’s elders, her children, the working class, and whole states that have been ripped asunder by natural disasters. We know how you care about people.

YOU DON’T. Your god of lies is SENILE, and you refuse to see or admit it.



His modus operandi has not changed, since he began his campaign for office. He has always been a cowardly bigot. His father and grandfather were thieves, pimps, cowards and bigots before him:



None of these facts or headlines were in any secret file. They were in the news, and on the internet, for anyone to see. You were okay with it when you decided that tRump was your Golden Boy, or you didn’t WANT to know.

If you had been LISTENING, you would have heard him telling you that he only cares about himself and his own image!:



He even cheats at those golf games, that are costing us taxpayers over $72 MILLION dollars EACH!:


I want it all back.

I want back all my federal tax dollars that have gone into his golf games. ………For us, that would cover a down payment on a car!

I want back all my federal tax dollars that went to his campaign travel………..With that, I could start looking at buying a HOUSE for my family, rather than continuing to paying the ever increasing rent, on the place where we’re living, now:


It’s only fair, since he cheated to get into office, and the popular vote actually went to Hillary.

I want back my tax dollars that went into the vacations that his kids have taken. ……..


With that, I could afford a decent hotel room, for a couple nights, for me and my son, next time we stay in Sacremento, when we volunteer to help out with a Renaissance Fair at a school or for the community.

I want back all my tax dollars that went into the wall that never had a chance of being effective, because of the topography of the land, and the fact that it would have to go through privately owned AMERICAN farmland, putting American families at risk of having to go on welfare:




With that money, my family could make a down a payment on our own home AND cover moving costs.

When I talk about wanting MY tax dollars back, I’m calculating exactly ONE PERCENT, of the amount American taxpayers have spent, collectively, holding up tRump’s economically debilitating policies. I’m no math whiz. I’m talking about that 1%, as though it is owed to me, to make a point.

What could YOUR family do with the same 1% of the money that this administration has WASTED? A college education for your kids? I didn’t even get to that.

No tax dollars have yet gone to the betterment of our educational system- only to its further degradation:





How is it MORAL to tie the hands of those who teach, by telling them that they have to teach fairy tales, from your bible? Our kids deserve to be given a better chance of succeeding in the global workforce.

How is it MORAL to threaten the safety of LGBTQAI students, and the welfare of Special Needs students?

Please tell me, Evangelicals, and White Supremacists and Republicans, because the MORALITY of this administration’s policy making completely escapes me.

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