Dear John- The Saga Continues

Sue Hirsch
15 min readAug 25, 2018


Dear Readers………and John,

I really wanted some straight and logical answers to my questions in one of my latest emails to Mr. John Fitzgerald, as I believe that they will give me many ideas on how to POSITIVELY CONTRIBUTE to my community, since the type of thing that John is doing (and accusing ME of doing- “race baiting”) is NOT a positive contribution, but if we continue to talk about what we DON’T WANT to see in our world, that sometimes brings us around to ideas on the kind of things that we DO WANT to see in our world, and so, John……

I picked apart every point that you made, in your latest email about how Jews are responsible for every ill that plagues American, society, Today, and got no response.

That wouldn’t fly in a court of law, Sir. Those who make claims are responsible for backing them with facts and figures. As a lawyer’s daughter, I do not do other people’s work for them, because they choose to be lazy, and tell me that the facts are easily found or obvious to see.

I’ve decided, as you can see, to NOT disengage from this argument, because the impossibility of your claims needs to be displayed for all to see, as it will inspire my political platform, which will be based on bringing people together, to work together to better the lot of ALL Mankind. In fact, here are 50 of my (Jewish) role models who positively contributed to the world:

I also have plenty of Gentile role models, including RBG, HRC, MLK, and Obama and Michelle.

How does “race baiting” against Jews, as you are doing, now, contribute positively to society? And if you really hate us, as a race, then I challenge you to stop using our stuff for at least 2 weeks, because if you keep using our stuff, and at the same time “race baiting” against us, that makes you not only a bigot, but also a HYPOCRITE! So that includes EVERYTHING on these lists and more:

And if you get tired of reading, here’s a pictorial source of more Jewish inventions:;_ylt=Az_6wimqkIFbzHkAUm0PxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=Jewish+inventions&fr=yhs-iba-1&hspart=iba&hsimp=yhs-1

Now then, let’s review, for a moment, some of your nonsensical “race baiting” claims, that any good lawyer would have YOU back, in a court of law, because I’m not going to let this kind of ignorant divisiveness go on in my country without a fight. Now more than ever, people need to be working together to fight climate change; housing shortages; the government sanctioned poisoning of our natural resources, like food and water; the continuing downward spiral of the success rate of our students; the lack of sensible gun control laws that is furthering the downward spiral of our student success rate by making them too afraid for their lives to pay attention in school; the rapid and steady climb of the hate crime rate since your favorite candidate took office in the White House, in 2016 (#Notmypresident).

At this point, I’m going to remind all of our readers, that where I am asking you to back your claims, I am doing so for a second or even a third or fourth time:

Sue, FACT: 85% of communists in the early to mid 20th Century were Jewish.

Mr. Fitzgerald, Source please?

Also, how is/was Communism evil. It seems to me that our society (except maybe for you) has come to realize that Communism was simply another type of government structure. (See Wikipedia paragraph: Early Communism:

Not only did we establish that Communism was not, in itself a crime, but we have come to the conclusion that the real crime was hunting down people that we knew or thought to be Communists and sympathizers in our own country. That was called McCarthyism:

On to your next argument, which looked like what all my teachers would have called a “run on sentence”:

Another FACT: Jewish supremacists are responsible for race baiting, race wars, unprovoked and illegal wars, famine, unabated immigration policy, financial schemes destruction of the middle class, illicit drug trade, big pharma, brainwashing of our youth/populace, etc. Including through the educational system, and ALL propaganda through news, Hollywood, television, music industry, etc.

I will, again, take these claims, one at a time, and again, ask for sources of your information:

Jewish supremacists? Please name some. Please name the Jewish race baiters. Seems to me that YOU are still the one doing the “race baiting” here, by making all these unsubstantiated and ridiculous claims against us, that actually fall into the categories of


We’re RESPONSIBLE FOR “unprovoked and illegal wars”? Which ones please? Where? Any judge would insist on YOUR backing that statement, so it is NOT up to me or anyone else to go looking for that information.

Also, how is ANY war LEGAL? In fact, California as a state and a culture hates that her tax dollars are going into your Toddler- In-Chief’s favorite hobby of war!

The inequity between what is being spent by the Federal Government on military weapons and other such unnecessary upgrades and education and housing, etc, is a major part of the reason for the secession movement, that is on the rise, in California. (See:

California isn’t the US state with the most Jews, and in fact, the Jewish perspective on war falls into two categories and neither of them are called “illegal” which you will have to define for me. One of the categories in both the Mishna and the Talmud is “optional” and the other is “obligatory” and it is stated in the commentary of those texts that neither gives a clear direction.

The takeaway message is that every Jew is expected to use his or her own conscience, in decisions regarding war, just as every other American does.

You mentioned “famine” next.

There is famine in the world. I’m assuming that you mean something akin to “poverty” as it relates to hunger, because the Jews do not control the elements anymore than you do. ………..Or do you?

Not only do we not control the elements, but we do not control the distribution of America’s food. California happens to be the world’s biggest producer and exporter of meat, dairy, and produce. After we export it, a lot of it goes to stores and restaurants, and a lot of that gets wasted.

The grocery waste is regulated by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT such that redistribution to the needy is PREVENTED. Expiration dates on packaged foods from the store don’t really mean that the food in those packages is no longer good, it just means that it has to go from the store shelves to the store dumpsters, by that date, and store managers are required by law to report anyone picking through their dumpsters for that food to feed themselves or their families and others.

And there are other ways in which our Federal Government (not made up, entirely of Jews) is preventing distribution of food to those in need:

This brings us down the list (again) to your “unabated immigration policy”. ……which is as clear as mud, but here goes:

The word “unabated” implies that something is a constant. Fortunately, nothing is constant, in this world except for change.

Immigration policy- We Jews aren’t solely responsible for it, as we don’t soley run government which makes the policies. (Would that be called a “Jewtocracy”)? Right now, tRump is in charge of that, and has created a “no tolerance” policy that requires ICE agents to rip babies away from their innocent parents, when their parents bring them, in search of safe haven from drug cartel violence and the complete destruction of their homes, thanks, in large part, to American bombs.

I won’t insult your intelligence by putting a link here, to videos of babies being ripped away from their parents or news stories about babies being adopted out to “American” families, without records being kept of where they ended up. I won’t put links here to stories about ICE agents abusing those children in detention centers……..LIKE HELL I WON’T: (Ref. John Wayne).

And when tRump tried to palm off his responsibility to find deported families of the detained children…..

It shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to imagine that the Holocaust actually happened, since we’re seeing it beginning again, right here in our own country, with these children being detained in horrible conditions.

When an American citizen does this kind of thing to another person, it is called “kidnapping” sometimes accompanied by charges of “assault and battery” or “rape”, but this crime is government sanctioned, so it must be okay, right?

On to the next item on your list of slanders and liables against the entire Jewish population that is such an anathema to you, that you feel the need to incite an uprising against us, or have us deported as tRump is doing to all other “non-Americans”:

“Financial schemes”.

Which “financial schemes” are we talking about? I can’t even begin to rebut, if I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, and I am pretty sure that you don’t either……….still.

And as to your “Destruction of the Middle Class”:

There isn’t much of one anymore, but we Jews weren’t responsible for its extinction, and I have no idea how we were supposed to have effected that extinction.

We happen to suffer from this oncoming new depression, as much as our richer and poorer neighbors. Maybe we suffer even more, than our poorer neighbors, because Jewish members of the middle class have been able, for the most part, to afford a better education than our poorer neighbors, and so we are able to anticipate the inevitable downfall of the American Empire.

So please detail for our readers, if you would, exactly which of us Jews are responsible for the “Destruction of the Middle Class” and how they brought that about.

And as to your “Illicit drug trade” claim against the Jews:

Let’s have the source of that claim, please Sir, and here, let’s also remind everyone, that a huge part of tRump’s platform that allowed him to cage babies away from their immigrant parents when they turned to us, begging for our help and protection, was that:

They (the Mexicans) weren’t sending us their best and brightest……..they were sending us their rapists and drug dealers.

You can’t have it both ways. Is it the Jews that are dealing in the illicit drugs, or the Mexicans? Actually it’s neither:

Although blacks and Hispanics tend to try drugs for the first time at a slightly younger age than whites, by the end of high school, whites have caught up and surpassed them in every drug category. White seniors are a third more likely to have smoked pot in the past year, seven times more likely to have used cocaine, three times more likely to have used heroin, and nine times more likely to have used LSD. And it’s not just that there are more white users, as this would reflect mere population percentages, but rather, that the white rate of use is that much higher than the rate for blacks.

Didn’t see any Jewish drug lords here, either, but thanks for playing the game:

And as to Jews in Big Pharma- Yes. There are a few, but that doesn’t mean that we control it. Please feel free to do something about that situation. I (and many other Jews and Gentiles) agree with you that Big Pharma has run rampant and needs to be reigned in, and I am going to try to make a dent in that, situation, when I become Governor of California, in approximately eight years.

I’ll take it one step further, and posit that the reason that they currently need reigning is is because they are a special interest group that has been and will continue to bribe many of our Federal politicians, as long as they can get away with it. They are using bribery to protect their ability to patent remedies that Americans could grow in their homes, like Marijuana. (Sounds a bit like the NRA, doesn’t it)?:

Big Pharma also wants to keep regulations down to a dull roar, so that they can afford to stay in business.

Let’s get to your last half paragraph of a run on sentence, now:

brainwashing of our youth/populace, etc. Including through the educational system, and ALL propaganda through news, Hollywood, television, music industry, etc.

Let’s say that we were “brainwashing” the populace. First and again, what is your source for this information. Your claims, in a court of law, would be on YOU to back, with witness testimony, facts and figures, graphs and charts, etc.

Second, to what end, Sir, would we be brainwashing the populace?

Third, how do we, as American citizens, not have the same right to attempt it as the Religious Right and GOP bought news sources:

<iframe src=”" width=”560" height=”530" style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0" allowTransparency=”true” allow=”encrypted-media” allowFullScreen=”true”></iframe>

But of course we Jews are the ones trying to “brainwash” our fellow Americans, because we’re evil and nefariously scheming to topple the American Empire, and destroy the middle class, etc. etc. and according to you, this is how we’re doing it:

through the educational system, and ALL propaganda through news, Hollywood, television, music industry, etc.

Hmmmm. I didn’t realize that we had cornered the market on the educational system, ALL propaganda through news, Hollywood, television and music industry, etc. This is another case in which I’d really like to see your source of information, and again:

In a court of law, that onus would be on YOU to prove that you’re right about our trying to brainwash America, and about our having easy access and control of those vehicles you mentioned in order to do it.


Dear readers,

Later in the day that I sent this back to John, he replied, with a couple of book recommendations. No responses, yet, to any of my rebuttals or links to articles:

Hi Sue,

Authors: Gerard Menuhin and Benton L. Bradberry are two of my heroes in a world — sadly, and unfortunately — with very few! Their remarkable and enlightening books helped guide me and solidify my beliefs on the holocaust and many other issues pertaining to WWI and WWII. By the way, Gerard Menuhin is Jewish! Both he and Bradberry have the honesty, ethics and courage to speak the TRUTH and shed light on this most TABOO of subject matter. I have posted reviews regarding their respective books for your own review. Here they are: (Menuhin) Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil, (Bradberry) The Myth Of German Villainy. Please educate yourself, I did via their books along with carefully researching and investigating additional voluminous material that simply and irrefutably substantiated their claims. I would only hope that you will do the same!


Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin

Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil has 25 ratings and 4 reviews. Owlseyes said: Yes, it’s not true, but in my imagination was trueHerman RosenblatThe…

The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry

The Myth of German Villainy has 123 ratings and 13 reviews. Jeremy said: Not going to rate this due to social stigma and wanting to preserve friends, plu…

And now for my reply:

Dear John,

Being Jewish, in and of itself, is not a credential, and according to your own rules of your 5k challenge, witness testimonies are not evidence, so why should these two authors’ testimonies be any more proof than the many links to real proof of the Holocaust than I have sent to you.

Also, why would Germany, for so long, have paid restitution to Israel for a crime that her people didn’t commit? You never answered that one, even though I provided a link.

You have also still not responded to my rebuttals of all of your other hair-brained slanders and libels against the Jewish people as a whole.

And have you stopped using Jewish inventions, yet? There are a lot of them, like refrigerated train cars, so if you’re buying meat at the grocery store, or other perishables, you’re going to have to look into how they got to the store shelf, but at least that will mean that you’ll be starting to buy local, so I’ll have done the world a favor by continuing to brow beat you for answers and respect for diversity.

Have you stopped wearing blue jeans? Ya- those were ours’ too.

Have you stopped drinking instant coffee? Using your tv remote not to mention color tvs? Traffic lights? (Hmm. How exactly will you manage to stop using traffic lights. Even if you’re not driving, but sharing a ride or riding on a bus, the driver still has to stop for traffic lights). And since you mentioned Hollywood…..Ya, Jewish people founded Hollywood, too, so it’s no wonder that you might be deluded enough to think that we CONTROL it, but founding/inventing are different from “controlling” a thing or idea.

Have you stopped watching your color tv? How long do you think you can go without your favorite shows, and would you really be willing to go back to a black and white tv, now that you’ve been spoiled for the color tv that the Jews invented?

And from that same article that I sent ( — other things that you need to stop using, right now:

GAME CHANGERS: Monotheism, Psychoanalysis, the Theory of Relativity, the Weekend (Shabbat)

You need to start praying to at least 2 different gods, and start working through the weekends, because we invented the concept of weekends, too. And you should really stop comparing things to each other, but you would deny the Jews their rights, so you should really stop using our Theory of Relativity.

And you need to stop using all forms of money, if you really hate us so much that you’re even looking for heroes that deny the Holocaust and call AN ENTIRE PEOPLE AND 2 COUNTRIES liars, because:

INVENTIONS BEGINNING WITH THE LETTER “C’: Capitalism, Communism, Circumcision, Cheesecake, Cafeterias

Still using traffic lights and world currency? Still not refuting any of my statements from my previous email?

Maybe because time marches on and waits for no man, and we like our creature comforts, like color tvs with remotes and cheesecake desserts, and because you’re completely incapable of refuting the very real evidence that wiser folk have accepted in regards to the realities of the Holocaust, and since you can’t handle the truth, you’re buying the products of anyone who will tell you just what you want to hear- like those two authors, whose credentials I trust as much as I trust your own, which is to say, NOT AT ALL.

In fact, I trust my own credentials far more, and regard them more highly, and I have never been a politician or had any such aspirations. It is thanks to you, that I have seen the error of my apathy and laziness, and thanks to you, I’ve come to realize the urgency of my taking a seat at the table, in order to bring better education to the fore, for the sake of truth, where others would try to rewrite history.

History has always been written and rewritten by the victors, and we need to recreate our current school systems such that history and diversity are honored. Diversity in ability, (physical and skill wise) color, ethnicity, etc.

We need to continue to honor those differences through out the educational careers of our students, and we need to make it financially feasible for ALL of them to get an education that is suited to their needs, in its honesty and respect and ability to pay. (Other countries have free tuition. Why don’t we?!

I challenge you, Sir, to speak to my rebuttals of your earlier slanders and libels against the Jews, and to “stop using our stuff” and to delineate some positive contributions that you intend to make to society as a whole, when you are elected, and to do so, for me to post HERE, because I assure you that I will do so, and as such, my blog roll will then become a campaign point in your favor, for each positive contribution that you promise to make to society, once you are elected, IF YOU ARE ELECTED. (Always keeping in mind that your own party does NOT support you, because you have alienated even THEM with your outrageous and rabid claims that the Jews are the root of all evils).

And then he tried to shut me up, with this:

Sue, enough is enough!

You can’t substantiate ANY claims you make against me and my views except the same old material that the mainstream news and holocaustianity proponents including those holocaust museum extortionists have spewed for decades with NO facts to back them up! And you ask me to substantiate my own views? My web site post regarding the holocaust explores and explains ALL facets of the holocaust and supports my beliefs through extensive historical material and links I provide. I know you HATE facts but, another fact (sorry!): All of your material has been disproven through forensic science, Dr. Raul Hilberg’s remarkable admission and testimony in the 1985 Ernst Zundel trial in Toronto, newly examined and once “purposely suppressed evidence” withheld from the Nuremberg Trials including that of pathologist Charles P. Larson, and so much more! You appear to have too much time on your hands and, unfortunately, far less integrity! By the way, are you a dual-citizen of Israel? Just curious?

Take care,


I’m not down for the count, here, folks. Just downstairs for dinner.



Sue Hirsch