Do Unto Others

I read that article and it basically says that neo-nazi and white supremacist are afraid to go to rallies, now, because they’re being outed as bigots (and often violent bigots) and that tends to get them fired from their jobs.

That’s funny, because in the workplace, they are sure to encounter many different types of people, whose money all has the same value. When they go to these rallies, they are depriving themselves and their companies of some or even most of that money, by insulting large groups of potential customers/clients.

They seem to think that it’s okay for just SOME to have rights, dependent on their skin color, race, religion, ethnicity, background, gender identity, etc.

AND, …we have just heard the “leader” of the US say that he is “the second coming of God”. That would be amusing, if it were anyone else, because no body else who believes that, in today’s world would be allowed to continue to make policy that effects AN ENTIRE NATION… or even a single life. Would you put your life in the hands of a Doctor or airline pilot that believed this about himself?

Many others of us have simply forgotten that that is EXACTLY what happened, as the Holocaust really got under way.

We already have the concentration camps. The only difference is that your current regime has found more subtle ways of profiting from those camps, than were found in the 40s. Children are being taken away from their parents, who are told that their children will be given a bath or shower, just like when people were herded into the camps in the 40s. Most of those families are never reunited. Some of those children are not yet weaned from the breast, when ICE agents actually, pull them out of the arms of the frightened parents, who are rightfully and wisely resistant and terrified.

I wouldn’t want anyone to do that to me, and We have no excuse anymore. …We know today, what we didn’t back then.

We know that skin color is only skin deep, as are so many other differences.

We know that children are scarred for life, when they’re taken from their parents, and that their development is stunted.

We know from experience what a very evil, charismatic person can do to an entire nation of people, and the cost in reparations that will, inevitably, have to be paid, later. Canada has apologized to their Indigenous Population, and though it is not yet common knowledge, Californians are beginning to reach out to our Indigenous brothers and sisters, in an attempt to learn how to make amends, without any aid or interference from the Federal Administration…such as it is. More on that below.

For those who have forgotten, Germany paid reparations to the state of Israel for over 60 years, so that Israel could resettle and support Holocaust survivors.

I wonder how long America will have to make reparations to the home countries of asylum seekers so that they can be resettled, in their home countries, once we’ve deported them. We’ve already paid Millions to keep them in “detention centers”.

And you know that impossible wall, that tRump said Mexico would pay for? That’s going to end up costing YOU THE TAXPAYER BILLIONS. Ya. That’s “Billions” with a B. …Unless you live in California, but I’m getting ahead of myself, again.

First, let me tell you, he’s trying to steal money for that wall from Vet’s retirement funds. Well why not? He’s already stolen money from SNAP, social security, healthcare, Meals On Wheels, and education.

I wouldn’t want him stealing those funds from programs and charities that were important to me. (Those programs are important to ALL of us).

He ended funding for Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers and tried to roll back regulations that keep auto industries operating as cleanly as possible.

Fortunately for California, OUR four major auto dealerships are better than tRump, and not afraid to show him up, in terms of showing common sense, where being enviro-friendly is concerned.

On September 7, 2019, at a press conference, in Hollywood, I will be honored to take my place among people of the caliber of those auto makers and dealers, who are quite publicly defying tRump.

The press conference isn’t even about tRump, or about defying him, personally, but don’t tell him that. His poor little ego would simply shatter into tiny splinters, and he would have another one of his toddler-esque tantrums. Tantrums are one of those things that he’s “best” at, and he loves to tell us that he’s “the best” at everything, twice in the same breath, every time he speaks. (See compilations of the self praise below).

The press conference is going to be about how Californians can all work together toward greater autonomy, and even eventual liberation of a land that is already a nation in all but name.

We’re going to hear about this past month’s Listening Round Table, where we heard from an Indigenous Leader, how she and her tribe would like to join with us in governing the Nation of California, in our own best interest, and in the best interest of the land itself.

We’re also going to hear about the legal ramifications of leaving the Union, and more about how our immigration policy is an ugly part of world history repeating itself.

We’re going to hear how we can all help each other to make a smooth transition from Statehood to Nationhood, and how it is that we’ll thrive, as a nation. We will thrive because we will no longer be paying taxes to the US, in order to help support their values, which bear absolutely NO resemblance to those of California.

Instead of our tax dollars feeding the US war machine and the infrastructure of red states or mostly red states, our tax dollars will stay local, and end homelessness within a few years.

Not only are we supporting a lot of values that are not California values, but we are supporting a lot of corporations all across the US that are not paying THEIR fair share in Federal taxes……….and so are you!

And, lest we forget, not only do a lot of companies get away with not having to pay their fair share in taxes, but a lot of them laid off workers, after they GOT those tax cuts, and kept the profits and tax refunds:

And since everything has a ripple effect, you’re paying for their food stamps, right now, just like we are. You’re paying for their families to eat. You’re paying for them to go to Emergency rooms, when they go into shock, because they can’t afford their insulin, or when their heating assistance was taken away. You’re paying for businesses and civil services that can’t keep up with our needs because we’ve deported or detained their staff, or scared them into missing work.

You’re probably sending your perfectly healthy, “normal” kid to school with quite a few (by now) kids who could slip into a coma, at any moment, for lack of their insulin, or they could turn violent, for lack of a drug that helps to keep them calm. Maybe it’s the parent that needs the insulin, in order to be able to drive safely into the school parking lot to pick up their kid, and without it, they could pass out and run their car up onto the sidewalk, where there’s a line of kids waiting to be picked up…….

It would behoove us, then, to defy tRump, by insisting on common sense regulations of guns and waste removal from factories, and better progress in clean energy alternatives and continuing our efforts in STEM and stem cell research.

It would only be wise of us to deny tRump his triumphs of divisiveness, by taking care of each other, so that those who have less do not become a greater burden on society than they are.

It would be a mark of pride, for California, if we were to continue to lead the way, in a time when the US has no true leader or leadership.

So easily, then, would all eyes turn to California for leadership. We could pull the rug out from under the White House. The US would no longer have a strangle hold on the US, for lack of funding. At that point, the opinion of the rest of the United States, and their “leadership,” regarding our liberation from them would simply cease to matter.

That day can’t come soon enough for me, because we would then be able to fully realize our dream of our nation as “better”.

Better as in constantly evolving into a nation that is more understanding and compassionate toward all living things.

Better as in always innovating in ways that make less waste and more use of clean energy.

Better as in smarter use and distribution of the resources we have, so that more of us are “haves”

………rather than “have nots”.

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