Guns Don’t Kill People. Bad Guys With Guns Kill People.

A close friend of mine posted on Facebook. She was rightly distressed that parents today, know that they may, at any moment, receive a text from their child at school, telling of a shooter on campus. It would be horrifying to know that the next time you were going to see your child, it may be to identify them in a coroner’s office. Or to sign them into a hospital for injuries that could leave them paralyzed or in a vegetative state.

US Parents have had to go through this.

This is because your favorite politicians allow themselves to be swayed by the NRA to make policy that favors lax gun control laws.

It’s inexcusable that violent offenders pass background checks, or don’t have to pass background checks. It’s even more galling that many of those violent offenders are police officers who are allowed to keep their guns AND THEIR JOBS.

And if that’s not enough for you, then check out THESE headlines:

America can’t seem to learn from more civilized countries. Guns are not considered essential tools to keep in the home or the car, for those long trips, when your tire goes flat and you’re scared that the smaller person stopping to try to help you out wants to steal all those Krispy Kremes that you bought for the road.


Do you really think that your gun is more valuable than a human life?! ……..

All these mass shootings at schools and clubs have made YOUR guns MY problem….which is why the gun control issue keeps coming up for a vote.

This is why my kid does online school. This is why we try to associate only with people who don’t feel the need to own guns, in our neighborhood.

I’m not going to vote for the presidential candidate that wants to ban hunting in the US, so I’m not asking you to slag or turn in your hunting rifle.

I’m just asking you to not ask me to give up the life of my kid!

I give up my kid every time he leaves home to go somewhere. I have to trust that your kid isn’t going to be hanging around near-by with your gun/rifle and doing a little target practice, thinking that it’s all a game.

Are you really so shortsighted that you’d rather keep that hand pistol and risk having to pay for my kid’s funeral, later? It doesn’t even have to be you or your kid that cause that. Guns get stolen every day.

And Police officers have them, too, and are often just as guilty of the same carelessness and misuse as regular citizens. Are you really comfortable with the idea of cops that have been convicted of abuse of power having guns with which to continue to perpetrate and escalate those abuses?

One such trusted officer didn’t even put his to good use, when he had a chance (not to mention a sworn duty) to save students’ lives.

But of course Cadet Bone Spurs would have charged right in to the rescue.

Gotta wonder, though, as schools aren’t always the easiest places to be, considering all the bullying that goes on there, (which has bred many of these mass shootings) and the germs that get passed around, and he has such a delicate constitution……

….and such fragile sensibilities….

‘So what happens is, this guy falls off [the stage] right on his face, hits his head and I thought he died. And you know what I did? I said, “Oh my god, that’s disgusting,” and I turned away. I couldn’t, you know — he was right in front of me. I turned away, I didn’t want to touch him.’ -

And surely, if you had a gun in your hand, you would have been able to stop “a bad guy with a gun” when he was mowing down innocent club goers, from an upper story window:

tRump says so, so it must be true.

So why didn’t that Florida Deputy even TRY to do his job and save those students from being killed by that shooter? Why did TRUMP dodge the drafts? Is he NOT a good guy, who would have been issued a gun with which to stop bad guys?

Sorry, but that’s not quite how it works. (As the saying goes: Man plans and God laughs). You can get shot before you draw your gun. You OR A LOVED ONE can get hit by a stray bullet. You can have your gun grabbed away from you. Your gun can backfire and injure you OR A LOVED ONE.

Statistically, do you really think that you (ONE OF 3 MILLION FIREARM OWNERS) stand a better chance of doing harm or good with your gun? Is it doing anyone any good locked away in its case/safe?

I promise you that your pistol will not be hurt or offended if you turn it into the police, and if you haven’t been misusing it, then you should have no problem going to the district office. But if you are worried about turning it in, you can always slag it.

If you’re going to shed tears over a gun, consider the tears being shed right now, by all the families that have lost young children since 2016 because their peers got tired of being bullied, or thought they’d found a toy gun. One of those could have been YOUR kid or YOUR niece/nephew/grandkid/cousin.

California can do better, and therefore……..


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