I Can Do it Better

  1. California doesn’t like war, and our Federal taxes are feeding the US War Machine.
  2. California is far too classy to outlaw abortion or punish women who need birth control or abortion, as our Federal Government would have us do. That would be profitable only for those who own and run our prisons. Our prisons would become death camps due to overcrowding.
  3. California is too aware of how immigrants boost our economy to have any interest in guarding the border or staffing concentration camps filled with other Americans. (Believe it or not…….South and Central America are also part of AMERICA).
  4. Californians know that we are suffering unnecessarily, from drought conditions, worsened by the theft of California water, from Cherry Creek, by Nestle- sanctioned by the US. (Nestle pays pennies on the dollar to bottle that water and resell it in plastic that then pollutes our land and waterways).
  5. Californians have at least a basic understanding of science that tells us that EPA policy roll backs are bad, because they allow corporations to dump waste into our waterways, which will contaminate groundwater.
  6. Californians are educated enough to know that what you spray on your crops you absorb into your bloodstream when you eat those crops, and that those pesticides also poison bees and birds who then carry those poisons far and wide.
  7. Californians pay more taxes per capita, to the Federal Government and get back less, than all but about 3 other states in the US.
  8. California would thrive and be able to house all her own homeless people for over a year, with the taxes that we pay to the Federal Government.
  9. California deserves better than a “president” who colluded with Russia to “win” an election; wastes our hard earned tax dollars on weekly golf games and family vacations and an impossible (due to topography) wall.
  10. We deserve better than a “president” that alienates the leaders of countries with whom we’ve had good trade relations, only to ally himself firmly with the most tyrannical leaders of other countries.
  11. California deserves a school system run by someone who knows that there are policies in place to protect LGBTQAI students and knows the importance of funding Special Needs education, arts and music in schools, and that religion doesn’t belong in our schools, but in the home and the church.



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Sue Hirsch

Sue Hirsch

Activist, Author, Secular Humanist, National of California, Wife, Mom, Daughter