I Can Do it Better

Sue Hirsch
5 min readJun 20, 2019


My good friend and leader of a branch of the #Calexit movement, called Return California, suggested that we put out a manual. He wanted many people to contribute to a sort of “How- To” manual, so that others will know what they can do to help advance the cause of #Calexit and any other cause that is close to their heart.

Another benefit of contributing to, and reading this manual is that it will allow us to communicate and improve upon each other’s ideas for a new and improved form of governance and maybe even a new economic system to replace capitalism.

Democracy wasn’t born in a day, anymore than Rome was built in a day. The Constitution was written to be an ever evolving machine that guides our lives. We were supposed to continue amending it, so that it would continue to grow and support our freedoms as we grew into a burgeoning nation of diverse peoples.

We failed ourselves, when we failed to continue to edit and amend the Constitution, as regularly as our forefathers intended. ……….

My other friend, Hannah, suggested that I read some of the material that has been written on how to organize a community. These are fabulous ideas, and so here I am sharing what I know of both. Hannah told me to simply Google “Community Organizing Guide” which I did and there are pages and pages of guides that can tell you how to organize any sort of community for any cause or purpose.

You can Google those community organizing guides, yourself, if and when you are interested, so let me get right to my own contribution to this manual. My tip is THIS:

Jump on a Bandwagon.

Getting involved with a group (any group) that is pushing for a cause that is important to you is going to net rewards, in the short term, because you won’t have to go it alone or reinvent the wheel.

The leader of your group will tell you, where the group needs bodies to march so that the group looks large, and may have mailers for you to stamp and address to garner attention for your interest group.

How can you apply that to the end goal of greater autonomy for California? I’m glad that you asked! Here are some names and numbers of people to call:

Marcus Evans: (415) 595–3394


Hannah Miyamoto: +1 760–672–0699 or +1 442–500–9045


Marcus has been leading the movement, since before the movement was “a thing”, and Hannah is an immigration lawyer, who lived in Hawaii, long enough to understand their struggle for independence from the US, which closely parallels that of California’s current struggle.

If you’re not sure yet, that you want to be involved, or if you’re not sure how much time you want to commit to California’s bid for more independence, then the easiest way to find out a bit more, is to be in on one of our Wednesday morning conference calls. They start at 10, and all you have to do is dial the number and a pass code below:

515–604–9099 P/wd: 225 852 191#

Another thing that has worked really well, for me, is to keep firmly in mind, all the reasons that we want more autonomy, or better yet, complete liberation of California, from the US:

  1. California doesn’t like war, and our Federal taxes are feeding the US War Machine.
  2. California is far too classy to outlaw abortion or punish women who need birth control or abortion, as our Federal Government would have us do. That would be profitable only for those who own and run our prisons. Our prisons would become death camps due to overcrowding.
  3. California is too aware of how immigrants boost our economy to have any interest in guarding the border or staffing concentration camps filled with other Americans. (Believe it or not…….South and Central America are also part of AMERICA).
  4. Californians know that we are suffering unnecessarily, from drought conditions, worsened by the theft of California water, from Cherry Creek, by Nestle- sanctioned by the US. (Nestle pays pennies on the dollar to bottle that water and resell it in plastic that then pollutes our land and waterways).
  5. Californians have at least a basic understanding of science that tells us that EPA policy roll backs are bad, because they allow corporations to dump waste into our waterways, which will contaminate groundwater.
  6. Californians are educated enough to know that what you spray on your crops you absorb into your bloodstream when you eat those crops, and that those pesticides also poison bees and birds who then carry those poisons far and wide.
  7. Californians pay more taxes per capita, to the Federal Government and get back less, than all but about 3 other states in the US.
  8. California would thrive and be able to house all her own homeless people for over a year, with the taxes that we pay to the Federal Government.
  9. California deserves better than a “president” who colluded with Russia to “win” an election; wastes our hard earned tax dollars on weekly golf games and family vacations and an impossible (due to topography) wall.
  10. We deserve better than a “president” that alienates the leaders of countries with whom we’ve had good trade relations, only to ally himself firmly with the most tyrannical leaders of other countries.
  11. California deserves a school system run by someone who knows that there are policies in place to protect LGBTQAI students and knows the importance of funding Special Needs education, arts and music in schools, and that religion doesn’t belong in our schools, but in the home and the church.

Keeping all this reasoning, firmly in mind, will often continue to drive you or will bring you back to the front lines, after a short break, when burn out or discouragement sets in.

Listening to each other, or reading each other’s ideas will get our creative juices flowing, and that’s what Marcus and Hannah and I are hoping to catalyze. We are hoping that you’ll hear our ideas, and tell us:

I can do it better.


Yes, that sounds great, and here’s how we can make it happen.

So please call into a Wednesday morning conference and dial in the passcode. We really want to hear from you, and if you call me, first, I’ll send some notes on previous meetings.

Best regards.




Sue Hirsch