I just wrote my first newsletter, which will soon go out to over 5,000 people, and I hope that you will read it and share it, too, and consider subscribing, it is called:

Cal Con Con Strong

Yep! Cal Con Con is still going strong. No, scratch that. We’re picking up steam.

Proof #1: We’ve just published (read: Hannah Miyamto has published) an Anthem for California, soon to be California’s National Anthem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooa64hCL2pU&t=9s

Please share that link……..EVERYWHERE, PROUDLY. And I’d love it if you would also share this link, https://medium.com/@suehirsch/californias-anthem-b6cdb0d09d5e because it’s where I talk about how we should all try to make this song our own, and have dance offs/sing offs, with friends, online to share our California pride.

California has much of which to be proud, and that can be found in several of my Medium blog posts.

But I should really introduce myself, as I’ve only just begun this new adventure of publishing Cal Con Con’s newsletters…..

Hi. Nice to meet all of you. My name is Sue Hirsch (AKA: Head Gavel Banger of CCC or HGB for short). I also host the Calexit Radio Mach 2.0 radio show, and if you think that you have something to say, then you probably do, so please email me, directly at: suehirsch01@gmail.com or call/text: 707–853–2676
Now on to proof #2 that Cal Con Con is still strong:

We’re going to be at the Soil Not Oil event in SF, from the 9th to the 11th of September, this year. Are you? http://soilnotoilcoalition.org/2018-conference/

Please share this link with friends, too. This event is guaranteed to be fun, informative and uplifting.

And finally, my 3rd proof that Cal Con Con is still going strong, and has no intention of slowing down:

Marcus Ruiz Evans and Hannah Miyamoto of Cal Con Con and a few other good cause organizations are considering a run for Governor and Leitenant Governor, together, using Cal Con Con’s initiative as a sort of platform and springboard. I say a bit more about that HERE:


You can find out a bit more about Marcus, HERE:


And you can learn a bit more about Hannah Miyamoto, HERE:


Want more proof that we’re still going strong? Keep watching our websites for more events like Soil Not Oil, and look for us at those events. We were just at this one, too:


We were there, because we see the need to protect the WORLD’S natural resources, and because we know that there are many ways to do that, and that it’s important to LISTEN to those ideas on how to do that, and especially to those who did it best, before our European ancestors arrived on this continent. ………..The Indigenous People.

Cal Con Con has, for some little while, now, been developing an understanding of and a relationship with our Indigenous brothers and sisters, and also asking them for ways in which California could be showing them something like respect. Currently they don’t own the land that they live on, and that land is completely lacking of natural resources. They also have no jurisdiction when a crime is committed on their land, by a non- Indigenous person.

Cal Con Con has an idea that we could GIVE them the federally owned land that used to belong to their ancestors, and that solution would cost California next to NOTHING. Doing that would cost us something like 4% of our tax revenues, and if we play our cards right, we could still have access to that land!

As long as we’re respectful, and treat their Civil Rights as we would have them treat OUR’S they would probably allow for a blended form of governance of this budding NATIONof California.

So please keep in mind, that YOU are going to have to help us make a difference and improve the lot of all Californians, and that the only real way to do that is to……. TALK TO PEOPLE.

Talk to everyone you meet, and everyone you know, and ask their opinions on giving Federal land back to it rightful owners, and let them know about the links above, and that Marcus and Hannah are going to run for Governor and Leitenant Governer, respectively. Let them know that California would not only survive but THRIVE as a sovereign nation, and Cal Con Con has figured out how, and welcomes questions, comments and respectful debate.

Lastly, ENJOY talking with people on these topics! If you are excited about California’s potential and her future, and about opening conversations, about that and about giving federal land back to the Indigenous Peoples and protecting everyone’s Civil Rights, and the rights of Nature, then they will be too!

Your’s truly
Sue Hirsch, Head Gavel Banger of CCC; Radio Talk Show Hostess; etc.

PS: The radio show will begin airing again, on the first Thursday of September, at 10am.




Activist, Author, Secular Humanist, National of California, Wife, Mom, Daughter

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Sue Hirsch

Sue Hirsch

Activist, Author, Secular Humanist, National of California, Wife, Mom, Daughter

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