If California is so Bad…

Sue Hirsch
2 min readDec 21, 2020

I really wish that I’d been the one to come up with this response to the California haters, but I wasn’t, so I’m just going to put it here and pretend that I was the one that did the research and found the graphic. After all, it worked for Melania, with one of Michelle Obama’s speeches:

To reply to those people who say California is so bad, ask them this: If California is so bad, why do so many people from other countries want to live here? The map below shows the percent of population of each state which was born in other nations. California tops the list, with 26.9%, followed by New York with 22.9% and New Jersey with 22.8% In other words, since California is the largest state in population, far more people coming to the United States decide to live in California than in any other state, by far.

In contrast, look at the share of people from other nations who decide to live in Republican strongholds like Kentucky 3.8%, Wyoming 3.5%, Mississippi 2.2%, or West Virginia 1.9% . Mmm, do those immigrants understand something that Republicans do not??? Like where the jobs, and the real opportunities for a better life truly are? Even tiny freezing ultraliberal Vermont with 4.5% does better than those red states.

Oh, Okay, Fine!! I’ll tell you who’s work this was.

His name is Professor Walter Williams and you can find more of his well thought out works, HERE, along with much more facts about the potential for California independence.

Sue Hirsch