I’ve Never Told You to NOT Pray

It seems like a lot of religious people are feeling threatened. Apparently, they think that Atheists are trying to take away their right to worship, as they like.

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Funny how backwards those religious folks have it. Seems to me, it was a “religious” person that wouldn’t bake a wedding cake, for a wedding, because the couple were gay. Another religious person (a county clerk) who wouldn’t fill out a marriage license, because of HER religion.

The religions of the couples getting married didn’t even come into question.

As an Atheist, I’ve never gone knocking on neighbors’ doors to tell them to NOT pray. I can’t say the same thing about religious people. They knock on my door all the time………in spite of the barking dogs and “No Soliciting” sign. Obviously, their spiels are memorized, and they can’t actually read, or they’d have taken the hint from the “No Soliciting” sign.

I’ve never killed people for practicing their religion. Religious people can’t say the same:

It’s ironic that the people who have done the most harm to children, in this world, claimed to have been religious:


Politicians love to run on platforms that make mention of the fact that they’re family men who go to Church on Sunday. We can all generally agree that it is the Conservative Republicans who do the most talking about what sweetly “God fearing” people they are.


So their god must be okay with cradle robbing, and pedophilia.


Their god must be okay with them disowning their children when they discover that their children are gay.

And their god must be okay with their children bullying children who pray differently than they do at home, or those who have different skin color or are known to be gay.

These atrocities then, represent religious leaders and The Church itself. This is the example that they are setting, for children and others. This is why I’m proud to say that I’m an Atheist.

To all of you “religious” people out there who are afraid that I’m going to try to tell you to NOT be religious, I have one thing to say:

GROW UP!!!!!!!

Grow up and stop hypocritically trying to choose for me, whether or not I get to buy birth control or have an abortion. I don’t try to choose for you, and I know that if you had to choose between saving living babies from a burning building or the same number of embryos, that you’d save the babies.

Grow up and stop supporting the guy that had innocent asylum seekers gassed at the border. Some of those asylum seekers were babies in arms Some were pregnant women, or single mothers, made single by OUR terrorism carried out in other countries. You can’t support harming children and tell me that you’re a “Good Christian” or a “Good” ANYTHING for that matter!

Grow up and accept your own children when they tell you that they’re gay. When you throw them away, you tell me that a book of fairy tales is more important to you than the responsibility of supporting the child that YOU brought into this world.

Grow up and stop denying reality, when you can’t understand it. Evolution is real. Climate change is real. People are all made of the same star stuff, and the same genetic code. There’s no superior race.

Grow up and realize that you can be religious and pray all you want, and still become an educated person. It is not against any law to ask questions. And if your religious leader is telling you that asking questions is bad, maybe the one most important question you can ask is “WHY”.

Once you understand the basics of evolution, climate change genetics, you will no longer feel threatened by people who DO understand those things.

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