C.O.A.R And You

Sue Hirsch
4 min readAug 5, 2020

Lately, I’ve been posting a lot , in my capacity as your Ambassador of the Northern California Calexit Movement. What you may not know is that I’m also the founder of C.O.A.R. That is the Cotati Against Racism committee, and we are actually affecting improvements in how our PD operates so as to curtail racism to the point of its extinction.

A few days ago, I posted about C.O.A.R, in our local news:

Heard of C.O.A.R yet? (Cotati Against Racism). We’re taking a bite out of systemic racism in the PD by working with our city council and chief of police. Join up to find out more: https://bit.ly/COARJoin

People were, of course, free to comment on that post in Petaluma Patch, and here was the first comment, with the name of the poster removed:

Please identify “systemic racism” and why obama, biden peelosi and schumer allowed it to happen? And only in law enforcement? The Democrat party voted to keep slavery, uses (to this day) African Americans to do their dirty work on the democrapt party plantation. Why did democrats vote to not allowed (sic) freed African slaves to become citizens or allowed to vote? Why was the Republican party formed from 3 African American former slaves?

Obviously, the poster had mistaken us for a PARTISAN group with political power at the FEDERAL level.

We’re just regular people, local to Cotati, who are simply determined to improve upon what goes on LOCALLY, and all our neighbors who would be movers and shakers with us, are free to join, and I told him so:

Hi (name). Please feel free to join us. As to your partisan questions, the issue is a BIPARTISAN one. “Systemic”, to me, means that we find racism in EVERY American institution, and that we need to face it, everywhere that we find it. We would love to have you help us with our projects, as we are already in contact with our City Council members and PD about this issue, since a lot of “systemic racism” has been seen to come from the police dept.

That is no surprise since the PD was born of slave bounty hunting task forces and since there are often ties between individual officers and hate groups that are allowed to go unnoticed.

As I said, you’re welcome to join us, in order to affect change, if you think that you can check your partisan leanings and blame game at the door. It is not OURSELVES that we need to divide, in order to conquer this problem, and that attitude inherent in your query…

Sue Hirsch