No Friend to Humanity

Sue Hirsch
7 min readSep 18, 2019


Need more proof that the current administration under the LIAR- IN- CHIEF is no friend to humanity? Just look at these latest policies and roll backs:…

These rollbacks came from the same “very good brain” that came up with the immigration detention centers (read: American Concentration Camps). One rollback is going to contaminate the water that you and your children will be drinking, as well as ground water that feeds your crops. The other allows architects to build your home using asbestos insulation again.

Asbestos was long ago linked to lung cancer and now, due to this rollback, it will insulate the homes that your children will live in:

If you don’t see the inhumanity and shame of these detention centers and ICE raids, then you at least have to wonder at the sanity and competence of the source of those policies when that source would also rollback policies that were in place to protect YOU and YOUR CHILDREN, from the contaminated drinking water, and unsafe living conditions that will result from the latest rollbacks.

This same “very good brain” and his sycophants are now working to rollback emissions standards for car dealerships. Thankfully California car manufacturers are too smart to cow-tow to this Kleptocratic, and Kakistorcratic Corporatocracy.

That makes the pur widdle Toddler- in- Chief mad so he “WARNS” the whole state of California that it may be illegal for a CEO to operate his business as he/she sees fit:

He needn’t worry. Some of us know what it’s like to try to get a sloppy college roomie to keep their mess on their own side of the room. Pollution is worse. You can’t convince smog to hover only over the regions of the Earth that created it. You can’t throw a plastic bottle into the ocean, and expect it to not end up floating along with all the other flotsam and jetsam that ends up finding its way to every shore line on Earth, and into the belly of every marine creature, along the way.

The same “very good brain” that came up with these rollbacks of regulations meant to keep us from destroying ourselves, within the next decade or three is the same one that came up with the policies that require ICE agents to take unweaned babies from their mothers, and put them in concentration camps to be supervised (or not) by slightly older children, sitting on cold, hard floors with only mylar blankets for comfort.

I worked in child care facilities, for 10 years, and I can tell you that I was watched like a hawk, the first few times I changed a baby’s diaper, in each new day care center, to see that I was following OSHA standards, so as to not spread the spores from the feces.

I seriously doubt that the children changing the diapers of babies separated from other families were taught how to change those diapers in a sanitary manner. I also doubt very much that they had wipees and cream for rashes that develop on little bum cheeks that don’t get thoroughly cleaned.

If those cells were anything to be proud of, then concerned congress members wouldn’t have any trouble getting in for unannounced visits, or inspections. Concerned citizens would even be able to get in for visits and to donate toiletries and toys for the children.

I have to wonder if this “very good brain” that came up with these detention centers thought ahead to realize that the detention centers were going to get packed to the point of becoming disease riddled and infested with pedophiles. Instead we have THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS:

Since he has such a “very good brain” he must have known that a lot of children were going to become lost in the system and get sold to the highest bidders or adopted out to “American” families, never to see their biological parents again.

If tRump had such a good brain, then he would have had a better organized system in place to ensure that the right children got back to the right parents, IN A TIMELY MANNER, so as not to leave those children and their parents traumatized (with PTSDs) for life!

In fact, tRump’s administration WAS WARNED about the effects of family separation.

The tRump administration actually had to be ORDERED by a Federal judge to reunite immigrant families whose members had been released from detention without knowing where their children were. Oddly some of the paperwork had been lost, or at least some of the family members were lost in the process.

Some children and adults got “lost” in the system. Others actually DIED, in ICE custody.

This “very big brain” that came up with the systems by which these concentration camps are run also cheated his contractors by filing for bankruptcy more than once. I deem the wisdom of that choice to be debatable.

To my way of thinking, a WISE person would have been able to make their business venture work well enough to pay their contractors or would have seen the end coming and cut their losses before the need to declare bankruptcy.

Of course tRump said that declaring bankruptcy was a smart move. It follows that he feels that cheating all those people out of paycheck that they relied on to eat and feed their families is/was a brilliant idea. One of his first moves as “president” reflected his perception of cheating as a virtue.

That move (which should have raised a red flag for all) was to give tax breaks to the rich. Either he realized (with his “very big brain”) that they could pay off their stock and shareholders, lay off their workers, close up shop or thin their business and pocket the lion’s share of the profits (making him an instant hero to those much enriched CEOs) and he just didn’t care what that that was going to raise the number of jobless and homeless people in America……….Or he’s not as brilliant as he says he is and had no idea how many people were going to get laid off, when he gave tax breaks to the CEOs of the companies like the ones listed in the link below.

The tourist trade took a hit, when tRump was “elected”, too. So was he smart enough to foresee the possible consequences of his travel bans, and simply didn’t care about America’s economy? Or is he, maybe not quite the Mensa member he’d like us to believe.

A more competent president (with a REAL “very good brain”) might have done his homework, and gained an understanding of how much America might lose in tourism dollars by offending and scaring so many countries with his childish travel bans.

The farm industry also took a hit when deportations , increased in number and heartlessness, under tRump.

I’m not all that impressed with the “very good brain” that decided to make all US crop pickers feel so threatened that they had to leave good jobs costing America $13 MILLION DOLLARS in rotting crops!

And the farm industry will continue to suffer, indefinitely, from tRump’s trade war.

I fail to see the brilliance of the thinking, here…….Or evidence of any thinking at all.

These policies and rollbacks were less than intelligent. Some were even DANGEROUS as in the cases of EPA rollbacks, and simple remarks to the media, like THIS.

How, having seen his dangerous incompetence and lack of caring for our nation, do we still trust that the caging of asylum seekers is any more brilliant than the rest of these ideas that have flowed from the same fount of self- proclaimed brilliance?

No. No such Schnorer, or schmuck for MY COUNTRY. I won’t have it. I won’t follow that kind of creature, for he is no leader.

The definition of “lead” is to be an example for others to follow, or to guide a party FORWARD…..

The US has not moved FORWARD, in terms of how we treat people!

We have not moved FORWARD, in terms of how we treat the Earth!

We have not moved FORWARD, in terms of education!

We have not moved FORWARD, in terms of equal justice for all!

I have seen no leader in the US, since the end of Obama’s era, so I will become one, here in California, and follow those I deem worthy of my respect and admiration.

I will not beg for followers or try to persuade others to follow me, but I am here, if you want to join the Calexit movement or Return California.

You can also contact any of the people that you will see and hear, when you click the links in one of my most recent blog posts, called “Incredible Success”.

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