There may always be people who deny facts.

They will deny even what’s been dug up and carbon dated, or admitted to, publicly, or graphed and charted over time, by well trained scientists, technicians, and other researchers.

In a previous blog, I dealt a hard truth to Holocaust deniers. Flat Earthers are not even worth my time and Climate Change deniers may not want to read this one, because it may make them sad…..

I’ve recently encountered a lot of Climate Change deniers, on my Twitter Feed, and thought that it was important to let them know that even though I don’t understand a lot about it, myself, I do know that human beings and everything we do has an effect on the climate. Also everything that plants and animals do has an effect on climate. One way I know this is that I ………(wait for it)………….READ.

(Sort of unheard of in this day and age of Google and YouTube and tv)

Also, when I learn that someone has lied to me or to the American People, I tend to distrust everything that they say, there-after, and to look into it, myself, for its veracity. I’ve learned that tRump has lied to us, on a DAILY basis, and continues to do so, about everything from his golf game scores, to the size of his inauguration crowd, to the lack of necessity for environmental protections…….but I went on a tangent, so back to reading:

When I read, I make sure that I’m reading various sources, published by people with credentials, and not sponsored by politicians.

I don’t tend to trust politicians, on matters of science, for the same reason that I don’t turn to a plumber for my orthodontia. And by that reasoning, one must wonder why we turned to someone with NO political experience to run our country………

Not only are politicians not trained to understand these things, (without reading the somewhat dumbed down reports typed up by the people who DO understand them) but it is sometimes (read: Often) in their best interest to PRETEND that they don’t know or understand, and or to HIDE that knowledge and understanding from the American people:

Since I know better than to depend on our politicians to keep us informed, I keep an eye out for this interesting sciencey stuff, via Google Alerts. I happen to be kind of into stuff about the health of our coral reefs, (which depends a lot on the health of our wider environment and climate change). I’m also always on the lookout for fun facts about archeology and Stem Cell Research. Sometimes I even try to read a bit about bitcoin, but that’s a little over my head. ………..Okay, I lied. It’s actually A LOT over my head.

So, here, I’m going to share with you, a window into the world of Google Alerts on Climate Change. Keep in mind that these alerts come from many given sources, on any given day, and that my alerts come on a daily basis, and hope that some of you find something in it that feeds your brain and challenges you to look for more cool sciency stuff that excites YOU………..and I encourage you to not look to our current regime for it, as a dirty energy baron was put in charge of Environmental protections; a woman who had never been to a public school, with a son who had never been in a public school was put in charge of our public school systems; sexual predators and White Supremacists are running for office and winning, in several states, etc:

These kinds of people do NOT represent Americas best and brightest. The represent not only America’s lesser educated folk, but also our least civilized, and commonly decent. Let’s be better than those low born folk that seem to have little interest in furthering their own educations, or our’s. Let’s learn from some SCIENTISTS about SCIENCE, instead, and along the way, let’s remember our humility, humanity, and our duty to be careful servitors of the Earth, because we rely on the Earth’s natural resources for our very SURVIVAL:

Update: Sept. 21-

Here’s a bit more on Climate Change.

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