The Tragic lives of Pedophiles

Sue Hirsch
3 min readAug 8, 2021

(Trigger warnings: This essay may not be for you if you’re a male, if you’re a male rapist, or if you’ve been chemically castrated for having committed rape).

These are the saddest of the sad and the lowest of the low. These are the men who impose their will on women, ruining their victims’ lives. Then they’re caught and punished and suddenly they’re sorry or find “Jesus”.

THIS one happened to find the brother of a girl he had raped…..sharing a cell with him.

But let’s go back to the idea of chemical castration as a preventative measure. (first link). It seems to work because it prevents erections.

Of course you have to get around the whining and crying of these monsters that the series of shots is going to adversely affect their health or that they’re still young or that the procedure is barbaric and painful.

One paedophile said on TV: “I know it’s harmful to my body. I know it will affect my health in future.”

Ya? Well consider the infinite number of STDs one can contract via unprotected sex, (and I don’t know a lot of rapists that use protection) including HIV related ones which can be deadly. And don’t forget about the mental and emotional trauma which will surely require many years of therapy. And let’s not forget that the rapist may have impregnated his victims and not all of them will have the luxury of an abortion, depending on their age, where they live, the religion into which they were born and other factors.

Another said: “Now I am sorry I committed such a crime.”

Talk’s cheap and he’s a day late and a dollar short with his “sorry”.

One convict pleaded: “By my example, I want to show men they should not commit such terrible offences.

Best way to set that kind of example is to…….(wait for it)……NOT RAPE PEOPLE. So basically, this guy was a day late and a dollar short, too.

“I beg those who prescribed me chemical castration — cancel your decision. I am still very young.”

Apparently he wasn’t too young to commit a very adult crime, and definitely he’s still young enough to have a long career of rape ahead of him, if it’s not prevented.

A prisoner named Marat, who is serving a 15-year prison sentence for the attempted…

Sue Hirsch