Preparing to Live

Sue Hirsch
4 min readAug 20, 2020

I had a thought, today, that maybe I should be preparing to die.

Surrounded as I am, by people sickening and only sometimes recovering from Covid, I don’t think that anyone would blame me, for the letters that I wrote to family members, that will be received after my death.

So far, my family and I are among the lucky few that have not succumbed to Covid, and we are staying mostly indoors, hoping that our luck will hold, if we stay away from the madding (and contagious) crowds. Knowing that even that is not a guarantee, I wrote a few words of wisdom, to family members, in case I don’t make it through the “tRump Era of Covefef and Covid”.

It’s funny, how much can change, in the space of an hour, or so, because only about an hour later, I had the thought:

What if I were to prepare to LIVE?!!

More accurately, what if I were to get BACK to preparing to live?

Thankfully the independence ship is sailing. The initiative is filed to get our CA legislators talking about what independence would look like, and what we’d need to do to make it work. Meanwhile, We have gotten under way, with planning for land free of US rule and regulations, and you still have time to jump aboard.

Camp Cali-Scadia is going to be a home for Californians who are intent on doing an Ex-pat sort of thing. The Camp will NOT be under the jurisdiction of the US, because the founders (myself and a few others who are working very hard on this, behind the scenes) will have had dealings with an officially recognized tribe, in order to get a plot of land. That plot will probably be in or around Paradise or Yreka.

If you love the idea, and want to get involved, now, the water’s fine. Come on in.

If you think you might want to just dip your toe in and find out a bit more, that’s good too. I’ll hand you a drink with a pretty little umbrella and sit on the edge of the pool with you and tell you all about it.

I could go on for hours, telling you about our plans for an eco- friendly place that you can call home, that is also home to a petting zoo and gives educational day tours. How about if I told you that it was also going to be an immersive school of conservation and primitive skills, and a working ranch that includes an aquaponics set up? All of this for a very low rent of your home, or for a trade of a few volunteer hours, weekly.

Sue Hirsch