Short Sighted

Sue Hirsch
3 min readMar 19, 2022

Police: Student, 12, arrested after bringing gun to school

Yet another distressing headline that reflects the harsh reality of how close the US has come to self destruction. And just like in my previous post, there’s NO thought being given to the root of the widespread problem or its solution. This is very short sighted of us.

The article about the 12 year old student mentions that the police found more weapons in his room when they went to investigate, so SOMEONE KNEW that he had at least one other weapon BEFORE he took a gun to school. And when I was twelve, my Mom was still coming into my room to make sure that I was doing my homework and picking up my dirty laundry.

It had to take some time for that boy to amass that collection of weapons. What were his parents doing in all that time that they never went into his room or never saw the cache of weapons there, when they did?! Were they stoned or drunk? Did they only happen to go in when the light was off?

Not only could this boy have accidentally or intentionally hurt someone, but there’s no mention of whether or not he knew that guns have to be kept clean or they jam and backfire in your hand and face. In fact the article implies that the gun was just dropped loosely into the boy’s backpack where it could have gone off at any time, and in fact DID.

And the first thing that everyone thinks to do is to PUNISH this child rather than look into why he was so infatuated with weapons that he had stashed a big pile of them in his room.

That’s short sighted of us.

How did he come to have those guns in his room? One rarely just FINDS guns lying on the street and they grow on trees about as well as money does. Not to mention they’re expensive to buy in gun shops and you generally need to wait for a background check and cooling off period, AND you have to be 18 to own one, LEGALLY.

So were all those guns in his room gifts? From whom? That person/people could be in a lot of legal trouble for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and child endangerment and endangering the public.

Why would ANYONE think that it was a good idea to allow their underage child to keep a stockpile of weapons in their room? Why would any gun shop risk their license by selling to a minor? Why would anyone on the street give this kid a gun, when the kid could easily identify that person to the police?

Sue Hirsch