Sometimes it’s Perfect

People say that there’s no such thing as absolute perfection……….

But what about those times, when you’ve been hoping, and even seeing, better, coming, for so long that when it finally comes around, it brings the sort of relief that makes you feel like you’ve experienced a perfect miracle?

There have been the many, “perfects”, for me, since I married my husband. Times like when I’ve had nothing good to eat, all day, and he makes a nice dinner, and it’s “perfect”. I’ve called it the “perfect dinner” hundreds of times over, and it’s always a little different. And since it’s “perfect” at dinner time, how does it seem to get even better, the next day, when I reheat it for lunch, or slap it into a sandwich?!

There’ve been the tougher times, since the beginning of 2016. We all realized, not long after, that that farce of an election was going to kick off one of America’s most shameful epochs in our history. But the following year, we started to see signs that those who had voted for him, were becoming (wisely, if a bit late) dissatisfied with his incompetence, and whimsical cuts to welfare programs and thoughtless insults paid to individuals and whole communities, that made us deserving of scorn, in the eyes of the WORLD.

And now the turning of the tide is coming, and that’s “perfect” too. Manafort is testifying from prison, many of tRump’s previous supporters and advisors and even cabinet members have jumped ship, and the accusations against his nominees for high positions are flowing. His friends are proved to be pedophiles, and rapists, and to have Russian connections to the people who helped to, treasonously, put him in power.

In my own life, my health was recently an issue, again, and I’m pleased to say, that it’s another “perfect” day.

It’s “perfect” in that I’ve turned a corner, and I can walk again, without pain, and without being too fatigued from the activity and the pain, to move off the couch, the next day. It’s “perfect” even though (or more accurately, BECAUSE) I know that it will be even better tomorrow, and the day after that, and progressively more so, as time goes on.

I’m looking forward to getting back to my nature hikes with my son, and to acting with him at Renaissance Fair, this weekend, in Folsom, Sacramento. ……...because those times were “perfect”. ……..and I’ve missed them. They were “perfect” and it’ll be even better, to be able to make more of those memories, all fresh and new.

California has always been “Great”, by the way.

When a certain “leader”, (who shall remain nameless) says “Make America Great Again”, I have to wonder what time he’s referring back to.

Does he want us to go back to the “Great” (or “perfect”) times before Women and Black People had the right to vote? It was a privilege, back then. It would have been a right, only if everyone could have partaken, equally. That wasn’t the case, so it was not a “right” but a “privilege”.

Check the definitions of the two words, in Websters. …... They’re not synonymous.

America was never that “Great”, but before tRump came along, we were starting to get better, and I was seeing hope for a rise in our level of class and self respect, through our respect for others.

I no longer have that sense of hope for or pride in America.

I have pinned my hopes and loyalties, instead, on California. She the stronger and faster race horse on which to bet. She encourages me, with movements toward Plurinational governance, and successful attempts to take care of her own. She proves her worth, to me, daily, by picking up the slack, *1 where America leaves off, with climate and environmental protections as well as protections for all her people.

Our Governor has let us know that we will be launching a California satellite in order to study pollution from space, and pinpoint the worst causes.

California made moves to protect our immigrants, as well, when the Federal Government began its ICE raids, and reign of terror on immigrants.

I’m thrilled with these “perfections” of my budding home COUNTRY of California, and of the bravery, and self- confidence that she displays, when she defies power, to bring common decency to the fore.

Being powerful doesn’t make you “perfect”. It doesn’t even make you “right” or a “leader”.

Peter Parker’s father said it best. (Spiderman):

With great power comes great responsibility.

And if no one is “perfect”, then how can any one of us, ever handle that kind of responsibility, “perfectly”? We can only take responsibility for our little corner of the world.

Here’s my road map to helping to create “perfection” in my little corner:

Look at what’s great, and contribute toward furthering that- like the ACLU.

They’re doing a great thing, so I’m going to start writing out postcards for them, that they can send out to get more help. I’m also helping out at California Calls for a Constitutional Convention, because they’re one of those organizations that’s pushing for a better way of governance- a Plurinational way. That means that ALL peoples will start getting the respect that they deserve.

Has already begun to build that kind of rapport with our Indigenous brothers and sisters, and will continue to do so, and we will end up in their good graces, when all they’ve ever known from the US is: broken treaties; a Trail of Tears; gifts of Smallpox infected blankets; stolen children and reservation living, that was devoid of natural resources.

That beginning, is “perfect” because it’s respectful, and because we know that it’s a BEGINNING.

We know that beginnings are meant for LEARNING.

We know that learning can only be done with a mutual attitude of RESPECT.

And we know that respect is EARNED.

Some officials of our Federal Government seem to have not yet learned that last. They seem to think that a certain “leader” is entitled to our respect, simply because he sits in the Oval Office. Sadly, for him, we have seen him do nothing productive toward improving the American economy or world reputation, and so we have nothing to respect, in such a “leader”.


Many women, now, are realizing that, about themselves, and stepping up to the plate, and that’s “perfect”.

It’s “perfect”, because it will make “better”.

It will make the world a better place for us, and for our children. It will make our bodies safer, from the fearful and greedy manipulations and machinations of men in high places, who, under this administration, believe that they are entitled and powerful enough to control women’s access to health care and especially to reproductive related health care.

I’m not going to stand for that, even if the US is.

I’ve already switched loyalties to an organization (Cal Con Con) that shares my convictions to not have grown women treated like children by:

Trampling of their rights to vote; To be informed, and to make their own health care choices.

If you’re going to tell women that they’re not responsible enough to choose, then you’re treating them like children, and you need to start:

Paying for their food and board.

Paying their tuition, if they want to go back to school, And doling out allowances to them, for their clothing, AND taking care of their other health care costs, and ALL their welfare, because…………….


And if you want a wife, then you’d better start treating her like a grown up, because you don’t trust children, with sharp knives, ovens, stoves, and baby care.

*1. For more on how California picks up the slack, check out my radio show of Today:

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