Taking Back our Country

“I have been and will continue to do both”. I told her.

She had suggested that I might want to pay more attention, for now, to the upcoming election, as opposed to my work for California Calls for a Constitutional Convention. She was trying to help lighten my load, but right now, I just don’t want my load to be lightened.

There are too many who carry a heavier load, right now. It’s called “betrayal”.

We’ve all been betrayed by those in power, so my email back to her, went on, in this vein:

Just sent postcards back to ACLU that I put time and energy into filling out to remind people to vote, and now have plenty of time for phone calling from home, as I promised to do for CCC, over the weekend, before……

………. The more distance California can get from the train wreck that passes for Democracy, here, in the US, the better off we’re all going to be, and the healthier I’m going to be, because what’s going on is triggering some PTSD type issues, for me, and dramatic pangs of empathy for women like Doctor Ford.

The flag, no longer (if it ever did) protects or stands for women, Black people, Latinos, students, our elderly, or very many (if any) others. Our Federal Government has turned its back on almost every subgroup of Americans, including Vets and those who thought that they would have Social Security checks in their Golden Years. Now our Federal Government is trying to tell us that those checks are an “entitlement”.

(This is a country that no longer deserves our loyalty or respect, since it shows none for us or our parents who fought for it).

Thankfully, I’m fairly certain that I don’t have to worry about you and …., but I’ve seen reports of deaths of elderly people that died of the cold, after tRump cut their heating assistance, as well, and that on top of the Kavanaugh hearings are rattling me to the core, and I don’t know how we can all see the same crime and some(of our congress people) call it “not a deal breaker”. (I’m paraphrasing).

Senator Susan Collins has drawn fire, (rightly) for saying that the investigation was thorough. It wasn’t, but somehow she’s spouting the Rep. party line, even though she’s a woman.

So, no, I won’t stop what I’m doing for CCC, because even some of the women in politics have turned their backs on half of the US voters. (Other women).

Rape has become a partisan issue, in our congress, rather than simply “wrong” as it is to anyone that has any common sense or decency, and that’s not a government that I will trust to judge my grand children or make policies for them, nor will I ever again recognize the validity of the judgments of any court with Kavanaugh or any like him in the Highest Court of the Land passing down precedents.

I’m never going to renew my US passport. I’m going to get a California one, next time I’m traveling.

The US has declared itself my enemy, and that of my loved ones. I’ve heard it’s declaration of war on me and on the rest of California: Net Neutrality of California in question; Marijuana legalization in California in jeopardy; ICE invasions in California taking away our work force; Tariffs on solar in California and many more such unsubtle acts of war, since 2016, and now on top of tRumps crass talk about women, and Kavanaugh’s lies and the acceptance of his lies and lack of Judge like temperament, we have tRump insulting and blaming Jews.

So we’ve been through Elizabeth Warren being Pocahontas, and women being merchandise, (I won’t repeat his “locker room talk) and Latinos being criminals and rapists, and other countries being called something else that I can’t repeat, and now we’ve really gone back in time to the “War Crimes of Germany”. (Their term for WWII of which they are mightily ashamed, still, because they have the sense and grace to be so).

I know that you know all this, as you and …. have never been ones to bury your heads in the sand, but it’s easy to want to try, and sometimes we all need to be reminded that that is how WWII was enabled. Good people didn’t think it could happen in their country. They were sure that everyone else would see that Hitler was a crazy, murderous toddler, (in a man’s body) and because they sat on their hands and waited for someone to put him in a rubber room, where he belonged, he got to continue on his merry way and gather a following of people who were as crazy and hateful as he was.

That following became a mob, and we have similar mobs, here, now. They wear and hold the same symbol and other symbols: Swastikas; Confederate Flags; Red hats; White hoods……and they carry guns.

They make no secret of their hate. They accost Black people who live in the same condos because the Black people are using the condo pool while Black. They interrupt conversations to tell people to speak English, because “This is America”. They call the police because Black people are too loud during the day in their own yard, or barbecuing in their own yards, or because their neighbor’s yard is too Gay!!

This keeps me up at night, and makes me fear and hate back, and want to protect my future grandchildren from this prevalent attitude that some lives are less worthy than others, that is handed down to us from the highest office and now perhaps the highest court in the land.

The only way I can do that, is to ensure that I and my family pay allegiance to a better country. That country is (and always will be) California.

Activist, Author, Secular Humanist, National of California, Wife, Mom, Daughter