The Best Kind of Tithing

Sue Hirsch
3 min readSep 13, 2021

Most hate is born of ignorance and intolerance but sometimes it’s important to NOT tolerate some things as long as that hate motivates us to take appropriate actions.

This was my reply to a woman on FB who facetiously asked if it was racist to love the Chinese but hate their government.

To my way of thinking many of the countries that we consider to be “developed” and “civilized” have slid back in time and have lost most of the veneer of education and acceptance of “The Other”.

I’ve touched on our treatment of “The Other” many times before, and on how America (and other “world powers”) have become theocratic and or dictatorial, rather than continuing to improve the democracies that were laid by their forefathers.

Sadly, our forefathers completely ignored Jefferson’s advice about giving the Constitution a good overhaul for the sake of updating it every 20 years or so. Instead we have a lengthy, complicated and CUMBERSOME process by which the Constitution can be amended, and that often comes at a price. Riders get added on that are not always in the best interest of The American People, but instead benefit one group over another. Often that group is what we call “the 1%”.

This democratic republic has now failed us to the extent that there is almost NO middle class, because the process of legislation is cumbersome and corrupt. And that brings me to the idea of “tithing” but not in the way that you think.

Money is a thing that is relatively easy to give away. It’s easy to drop a few coins in the cup of the pan handler on the sidewalk, and keep on about your day, without really seeing that pan handler. You probably don’t even see or remember the color of their eyes, once you’ve dropped your coins and moved on.

It’s harder to actually connect with those people. We’re actually uncomfortable around them or even afraid to make eye contact.

I have no real solution for that fear and discomfort.

Some of my friends hand out little care packages to people living on the street with the basic necessities, and maybe that’s a good solution, because maybe you’ll see the color of their eyes and hear the pitch of their voice as they thank you for the time and energy that you put into making up that care package. But I digress. ….

What we SHOULD be thinking about when we consider “tithing”, is telling our friends how we feel about them.