The Boogey Man

Sue Hirsch
2 min readJul 7, 2022

There is a Boogey Man

Lives under your bed

N whispers religion

Into your head

Nonsensical words

Of a backwards age

To fill you with arrogance

And holy rage

The Boogey Man chooses

Only a few

To hear his desires

Before dawning’s dew

No Gays are chosen

No migrants or Jews

He’s never chose women

Nor Black folk too

Indigenous are out

Don’t ask me why

I don’t listen to Boogey Men

I’ve big fish to fry

I’ve only contempt

of the need for Jihads

Burning of witches

Always was bad

I’ve got busy

With rocking this boat

When it’s tipped

Will be my time to gloat

The order of things

Will turn upside down

And today’s smiling politicians

Will wear b’reft frowns

The people again

Empowered will be

They’ll have self- determination

And all will be free

Free to make choice

In regard to health

Free to keep

More hard earned wealth

When that time dawns

A bright new day

What shall we call it

After surviving this Dark Age

We offer safe harbor

To women oppressed

By the unholy high crimes

Of misogynist Feds

And maybe it was theirs

Whose whispers you heard

Just before the crow

Of a mourning bird

For that bird wept for shame

when rights were sold

For political gain

But surely monsters

Sue Hirsch