The Flag Does Not Stand For Them

I get very angry, when I see, normally decent people, doing what we would normally all do, when it’s not normal to do it.

Right now, there’s an abnormal situation, on Capitol Hill, …..or should I say, an “abnormal president”?

He says that we should all stand, when the anthem is sung, so many will follow. He says that the Paris Agreement the media and the Constitution of the United States are a “bad deal” and “treat him unfairly” so those things will go by the wayside.

They will go by the wayside on his say so. Most people will do none of their own research into the benefits that have come from those things, or into the meaning of the anthem as it was written. (Verses have been dropped and forgotten).

In lieu of doing their own research, into the Paris Agreement, the insights brought to us by freedom of the press, these people will blindly support the current administration, because:

The President deserves our respect. So does the flag, because this is America, and by the way, we should all speak English here in America, too, because it is, after all, AMERICA, and English is the Native Language of AMERICA.

That is what we have always done.


tRump won and we should stop being snowflakes and deal with it, because everyone had to live with Obama for 8 years, and they treated him with the utmost respect.

Well, in the first place, No:

tRump didn’t win, or at least not honestly, and that is becoming ever more clear, and would be even more evident now, if not for the Kavanaugh hearing.

And no again:

There wasn’t a lot of respect paid to Obama, even after he left office,

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As the Obama administration took control of the reins of government and began trying to halt the worst economic crisis…

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And he left America richer, in many ways, than his predecessor could ever imagine doing, assuming that he had anyone’s interest at heart other than his own……..

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In fact, Obama’s predecessor made his job difficult at the outset, by giving a tax break to companies that outsourced work:

Kerry Says Bush Wrong for Choosing Tax Breaks for Outsourcing… — Democratic Underground

Kerry Says Bush Wrong for Choosing Tax Breaks for Outsourcing…

So when I saw someone reply, today, on a comment, about the impropriety of kneeling during the anthem, simply because “this is America” and his ancestors fought for our rights, I just had to make my own impassioned reply, as his ancestors fought so that I could have that right, too:

Sue Hirsch (His name was here) Actually, our ancestors fought for our rights to respect or disrespect who/what we choose. My respect has to be earned. The Amer. flag has done nothing to earn my respect, lately, or ever. Lately our Federal Government has earned only my wrath, disgust, distrust and scorn. Our “president” is a 5x draft dodger, so how has HE earned your respect? By insulting Native Americans? calling other countries “sh*thole countries”? By mocking a disabled reporter? caging babies? By starting trade wars that have done and will do irreparable damage to our economy? pulling out of the Paris Accords that were helping to protect the world’s Ozone Layer and environment? By causing a drop in tourism to Amer? inciting violence at every one of his campaign rallies? I have EVERY RIGHT to show my disrespect for the American Flag, because right now, it doesn’t stand for ME. It no longer stands for ANY ideals that it may have in the past. It stands for NO Black people- School to prison pipeline, anyone? It stands for NO students- So (Name) what makes you think that this country, its government or its flag cares ONE WHIT about YOU? Why should YOU be different?

And by the way my ancestors also fought for our rights. I honor their fight and their memories, by working to ensure that EVERY American can exercise their rights, just as I am allowed and entitled to exercise mine.

(Thank you for helping me to do that, CalConCon).

Right now, women’s reproductive rights, health care and safety are on the line.

………..The flag does not stand for them.

Right now students’ rights and those of people needing healthcare are in jeopardy:

………………..The flag does not stand for them.

Right now, our workers are out of work:

……………….The flag does not stand for them.

Right now, immigrants’ rights are in jeopardy, whether they are naturalized or not.

…………….The flag does not stand for them.

Right now, Black People live in fear, because they have no assurance of their rights to live in safety in their own homes, use their own condo pools, or drive a car or barbecue, legally, in a park.

…………The flag does not stand for them.

Right now, Latinos fear to speak in public, because “Americans” rudely interrupt their conversations to tell them to “speak English” because “This is America”!!

……………..The flag does not stand for them.

To all you language police: STOP EAVESDROPPING AND BUTTING IN, FOR PETE’S SAKE!! People have a right to have discussions, here, in America that don’t involve YOU. Also:

*English ISN’T the “native language of America.

Gay people must fear to go into public bathrooms, because straight people have begun to interrogate them, and look over the stall walls to make sure that they’re in the right restroom, when there’s only two ways to use a toilet, and……………. the toilet doesn’t actually care.

………………The flag does not stand for them.

Right now, American Businesses are threatened by the greed and incompetence of our kakistocracy:

………………The Flag does not stand for them.

Right now, our elderly are in danger of suffering through what are supposed to be their “Golden Years”:

……………….The flag does not stand for them.

So I will.

I will stand for ALL of my “American” brothers and sisters, of all skin colors, tongues, ages and gender identities. I will do it by voting and by KNEELING DURING THE ANTHEM. I do this, out of respect for:




Postscript: On English not being the “Native Language of America”. It actually came from Europe.

We brought it over, when we INVADED the Americas, and yes, there are multiple parts of America. (North, South and Central). We tend to forget that we have any sort of connection or commonality with our friends on the other side of the fence at the California border.

Americas — Wikipedia

The first known European settlement in the Americas was by the Norse explorer Leif Ericson. However, the colonization…

Believe it or not, there were languages being spoken, here, before we arrived:

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