The Lie of US “Freedom” and Where True Freedom Lies

Newsflash America: Your government cares only about it’s own wealth. They care for profit not only over your freedom, but over your health and your children’s health.

I see proof of this, on the internet and on the news, EVERY DAY.

I see them mocking your pain, while they protect their bribes from the NRA:

I see them healing the states that voted for them, while ignoring the distress and misfortune of citizens in states that didn’t vote for them, after similar natural disasters:

I see them rolling back environmental protections and fouling the air and water that you and your children must breathe and drink

I see that they fear mongered to get your donations for a costly, farm and habitat damaging wall. The costly prototypes were then simply destroyed:

Ask yourself this: Where did that money come from, and where did it go, once the prototypes were destroyed?

8 wall prototypes had cost between $300,000 and $500,000 EACH to build. And how many AMERICANS have been wrongly detained because of that fear mongering?:

Have you seen any raise in your pay, since tRump “won” the last election?:

Cost of medicines has gone up, so that many Americans have actually DIED for not having been able to pay:

Under your current administration, THOUSANDS of children of asylum seekers were sexually abused in American Concentration Camps. (AKA detention centers):

Making the US a veritable den of villains that commits crimes against humanity, in the eyes of the world.

And speaking of the rest of the world, America…….. your government is allowing an incompetent, greedy buffoon to queer trade relations between us, and some of our, historically, most powerful allies. It has drawn scorn and retaliation:

As you can see, it is not your government officials that are affected by the retaliatory tariffs, but YOU.

Is it any wonder that there are so many of us that no longer wish to be associated the “The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave?” Is it any wonder that many of us have begun to kneel, beside our friends, who DON’T revision and whitewash history.

How “free” are they to show their distress at that revisioning and whitewashing, when employers are free to retaliate by firing them, and when their “president” is free to berate them and call for their firing?

How “free” is ANY WOMAN to do HER job, when she can be fired for getting pregnant, or for aborting the pregnancy?

How “free” are ANY OF YOU, when you can be arrested in your local grocery for speaking a language other than English?:

How “free” are you to be informed, and make informed decisions, when your government threatens and disparages your media outlets as they try to inform you?:

How “free” are ANY of your children, to study what’s real, when your government is joint at the hip to The Church?:

Beware, America. You have already let so many of your freedoms be taken away, that it is becoming easier and easier for your ruling class to take away more and more of those rights and freedoms.

Soon, your very Constitution will no longer be worth the ancient piece of parchment on which it is scribed.

I invite those of you who see the imminent and inevitable peril to join with us, who wish to distance ourselves from the kakistocracy that threatens all of us, and has committed the crimes against humanity listed above (and more). I invite you, who have opened your eyes, and are pushing your state politicians to speak truth to power, to join us.

Together, we can solve real world problems, like the lack of affordable housing and long commutes to work, necessitated by that lack. My good friend Hannah Miyamoto finds solutions to these real world problems, regularly:

As do people like Marcus Ruiz:

And people like Scott and Kanyon Sayers Roods (Cayote Woman) who have an easy and painless way to make California a better nation than the US ever was, in terms of how we treat our land and all of our very different peoples:

Join us in being a better NATION than the US ever was, right here in California.

Once we begin to learn a better way to treat the land, from those who were here, before the land was invaded by first Spain and then England, there will be fewer landslides and wildfires, and less poverty, homelessness and starvation. There will be less waste of land space for farming, and eventually, we will learn less wasteful ways with food.

Bon Appetite.



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