To See the Bigger Picture

Sue Hirsch
5 min readJun 12, 2018


As much as I hate labels, I suppose you could classify me as a liberal. I don’t think of myself that way. From my own perspective, I’m simply doing the math or seeing a bigger picture, whathaveyou.

I see that a man cheated his way into the highest seat of our land, is destroying our planet, the reputation of our nation and people’s lives, and has lived that way, all his life, and to me that says that he will continue to do so.

Why do we continue to effort to believe that things aren’t that bad, and that they won’t get much worse, before they get better?

Why do we keep playing the part of an obstinately optimistic Pollyanna, wanting to believe that if we just give our US citizens a chance, or give the UN a chance, that our people will come to their senses or that the UN will put a stop to the unstable disrespectful and incompetent creature that keeps up a constant verbal barrage of lies, insults, and streams of muddled and juvenile thoughts that betray his complete lack of education and savage bigotry.

As many times as our ears have been tortured with his every publicized, meandering and meaningless monologues, and as many times as we’ve seen his lies fact checked for us, and as many helpful Obama-era policies that he’s rolled back, there are some who still, like this foreigner, give him the benefit of the doubt, instead of seeing the bigger picture, that what he’s doing, he’s doing behind closed doors, and only for himself and a chosen few who have not yet deserted the sinking ship that is his treasonous and failed administration:

Liberals are supposed to be the smartest people on the planet due to their open mind and willingness to listen to other ideas. Am not a Trump supporter in the first place, but have got to give him credit for meeting Kim. The kind of pejorative rhetoric (against Trump) that am hearing from liberals (people that are supposed to be smart) is diabolical and harsh. You have got to give credit to the man where it matters. I know that some of the stick that he’s getting is motivated by ‘Trumpphobia’ but remember that he’s seemingly winning a battle (Korean denuclearisation) that others failed to win including the mighty Barack Obama . Many people think he’s insane but perhaps there’s often a method in his madness. Instead of nitpicking, the whole world should be filled with Mudita because there’s peace in the forecast.

No, dear friend. Sadly, there is no peace in the forecast. tRump has alienated our one time allies, so that China no longer trades with us, English and German leaders scorn us, the immigrants that picked our crops have left of their own accord or been deported, and tourists that once flooded America and especially California now fear to travel here, so their tourism dollars are spent elsewhere in the world.

Even our own people are at war with each other:

  • An organization called the NRA has great power and influence in our government, and they produce the guns that kill our school children, and there are those that love their right to bear arms more than our children’s safety in their schools, and those two factions are at war with each other.
  • People who CALL themselves patriots, harass Blacks, Muslims, and Mexicans, unprovoked, telling them loudly and nastily that they should “go home” or “speak American” because they’re here in America.
  • White people call the police, when they see Black people barbecuing in parks, where it’s legal to do that, simply because they’re Black, and rarely now, does common sense prevail.
  • Children are harassed and bullied in schools by teachers as well as children, because they do not LOOK American. They are told that tRump will “get them” or “send their parents back to Mexico”.
  • The rich have begun to annihilate the poor, and the opening gambit was a tax cut for the CEOs of big corporations, that enabled them to retire early, closing down their businesses and laying off millions of workers:

tRump had already put an end to many Obama- era welfare programs that aided the poor, like Meals on Wheels, heating assistance for our elderly, and affordable health care for children and others who needed it:

He had put new limits on food stamp policies, and stolen from our social security fund, into which our parents and grandparents had paid all their lives.

So, Sir, when you speak to me, of one deed that tRump does, (speaking to Kim J.) that seems to fall outside his pattern *1 of wholesale destruction, I look askance and wonder what tRump has to gain from his secret meeting with Kim J, attended only by translators, especially si Kim J. is known to also not have his own people’s best interest at heart.

*1. tRump’s History of cheating in his work AND personal life:

tRump has only done harm in this world. He came from a family of privilege that only did harm in this world and he will continue to do harm in this world, and the it is not only America, but the WORLD that will suffer for it. Kim J. will feel validated in his tyranny, by tRump’s attentions. Our one time allies have turned away from us, and we can no longer enrich each other’s countries with our goods. Those who might have traveled here and been broadened by the experience won’t, for fear of being detained. America has lost over $24 BILLION dollars in rotted crops, when immigrants were deported or left in fear of detention and deportation, and they were right to fear.

We now detain CHILDREN in concentration camps, after we separate them from their parents, during the process of deportation. The children are taken away in FREIGHT train cars, we know not where. (Sad shades of WWII). ……….

This is the bigger picture that I see and it is this which gets me labeled “Libtard” by those that are ashamed that they allowed themselves to be tRumped, because tRump’s obvious bigotry gave them license to be equally horrible and verbally abusive to “the other”. Many of them now have buyer’s remorse, because they have lost their coal mining jobs, healthcare, and other jobs that depended on our tourism/hospitality services or farm industry. Those of us who saw the bigger picture, had angst, sorrow and anger when he was inaugurated, because he promised a wall that would do nothing but cost us money and endangerment of migrating animal species, and keep families apart from each other. Many had not stopped to think that that wall was going to go through THEIR land, and now the government has taken that land for pennies on the dollar.

I beg you, dear readers, instead of spewing mindless hate for this man, have your reasons lined up. Share the bigger picture. Share the reality that we don’t hate him because we “lost” when he “won” the election. We hate his war on our society, on nature, and on the WORLD AT LARGE via his roll- backs of environmental protections:

We hate his tyrannical reign, because we know that he will continue this way, because he has lived his whole life this way, and now has it in his power to have even greater effect and influence on the world than he ever had as a “successful business mogul”. (Another lie, by the way).



Sue Hirsch