To See the Bigger Picture

  • An organization called the NRA has great power and influence in our government, and they produce the guns that kill our school children, and there are those that love their right to bear arms more than our children’s safety in their schools, and those two factions are at war with each other.
  • People who CALL themselves patriots, harass Blacks, Muslims, and Mexicans, unprovoked, telling them loudly and nastily that they should “go home” or “speak American” because they’re here in America.
  • White people call the police, when they see Black people barbecuing in parks, where it’s legal to do that, simply because they’re Black, and rarely now, does common sense prevail.
  • Children are harassed and bullied in schools by teachers as well as children, because they do not LOOK American. They are told that tRump will “get them” or “send their parents back to Mexico”.
  • The rich have begun to annihilate the poor, and the opening gambit was a tax cut for the CEOs of big corporations, that enabled them to retire early, closing down their businesses and laying off millions of workers:



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Sue Hirsch

Sue Hirsch

Activist, Author, Secular Humanist, National of California, Wife, Mom, Daughter