To Shoot or Not to Shoot

Sue Hirsch
5 min readApr 9, 2022

When our government tells us all to do something, there’s going to be pushback. Even if it’s for our own good, there will be conspiracy theories and resentment at being told what to do. Often it’s called Civil Disobedience. Sadly marching and sit-ins will only accelerate the spread of a pandemic and make it more deadly.

Still, people refuse to see reason through their fear of the unknown- the vaccine. I won’t tell you which acquaintance had this to say about the vaccine:

One friend told me how alarmed she was that so many families with teenage girls vaccinated suddenly stopped getting their periods just after they’s started. I was in Florida speaking about my book to some real nice people in a jewely shop and one lady during our discussion said that she had just gotten phone call from a close of friend of hers whose daughter only in her 50’s got the shop and two days later died although she had been in good health prior to receiving vaccine.

Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier — Warns Covid Vaccine May Lead to ‘Neurodegenerative Illness’ (

While I won’t tell you where I heard or read the above, but I will share my reply. Before I do that, though, I am going to thoroughly discredit Luc Montagnier- Nobel Laureate. While he did go to a prestigious university to earn his medical degree and while he made advances in HIV research, he more recently pushed conspiracy theories in regards to Covid:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Montagnier promoted the conspiracy theory that SARS-CoV-2, the causative virus, was deliberately created and escaped from a laboratory.[6] Such a claim has been rejected by other virologists.[7][8][9] He has been criticised by other academics for using his Nobel prize status to “spread dangerous health messages outside his field of knowledge”.[10]-

Not convinced?:

Yes, there are side effects that have been reported to have followed vaccination. They are RARE and it’s nearly impossible to know if it’s the vaccine that CAUSED the adverse reaction-