Turn Your Eyes to The Lord and Your Backs to THE PEOPLE

Sue Hirsch
3 min readJan 19, 2023

The campaign is funded by The Servant Christian Foundation, a nonprofit backed by a Kansas-based, Christian donor-advised fund called The Signatry. They’ve thrown ONE MILLION DOLLARS at a tv ad campaign.

Does it take being an Atheist or “heretic” to see the hypocritical irony in the tv ad campaign?

How do they NOT see the members of their own parishes who would be grateful for a McDonald’s burger on those days when they may have to choose between a meal or a dose of their insulin or choose between their daily dose of insulin and the electric bill?

How does The Servant Christian Foundation sleep at night when mere pennies of the million wasted on that campaign could keep a student in school by providing shoes or socks or a school lunch?

When my kid was in a public grade school, there was a little Christmas tree in the corner of the office, during the holiday season and it had little tags on it with the names of the students and their one Christmas gift wish. My husband and I found one student who only wished for another couple pairs of socks……He wasn’t the only one……..

Dear god promoters with deep pockets, If your god is so awesome and powerful:

Why can’t he promote himself?

Why does he need money?

Why doesn’t he do something about: Covid, poverty, natural disasters, hate crimes, injustices done to the community by our leaders and law enforcement?

And DON’T say “free will”!

That is a non- answer since you haven’t yet defined “God” or proved the existence of such an entity to the satisfaction of anyone who knows anything about the scientific method. And your free will always seems to guide you to deprive your fellow man of basic rights and necessities.

You also haven’t told us why we should be bothered to worship such an entity, if it exists.

Your showing me a chair doesn’t obligate me to sit in it.

You can decorate the chair until the day you die and tell me how ergonomically fantastic it is. I’ll be no more obligated to buy it than I’m obligated to buy into your wasteful ad