WAS He the “Lesser” of Two Evils?

Sue Hirsch
2 min readSep 26, 2020

I saw an article in some news publication today that the Evangelicals and Catholics are turning away from him now, because he’s “NOT NICE”.

Makes me think of the movie Moonstruck, where Ronny professes his undying love to Cher, and she slaps him and yells: SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!

I’d really like to slap 2016 tRump supporters awake and yell “SNAP OUT OF IT”!!!

I guess that they thought he was being nice when he mocked a disabled reporter, declared bankruptcies instead of paying his contractors, and said horrible things to and about women and most other subsets of the American people.

One of the people quoted in the article said something about having thought that he would be the “lesser of two evils”, as a president.

Well, Religious Folk,…… HAS HE BEEN?

You had a chance to vote for a classy and intelligent woman who spoke clearly, conducted herself with decorum and ran a charity fund from which she DIDN’T syphon money into her own businesses or pocket. Another thing that she didn’t do was creepily follow her opponent around the debate stage, while he spoke to the audience.

You religious folk voted for the guy that has bragged about grabbing pussies. You voted for the guy that had had three wives before Melania AND CHEATED ON EVERY ONE OF THEM.

Your bible says much about being good servitors to the land, yet almost until the end of his first term, you continued to support the guy that shredded the EPA to ineffectual blithereens.

I guess it was nice of him to snuff out your children’s chances of having clean air to breathe and clean food to eat, because the factories are now allowed to dump their waste into our waterways, which seep into the ground under our crop land.

Was it nice of him to ruin our reputation and trade rapport with other countries?

Ya. The rest of us knew he wasn’t nice. We’re wondering what planet you Evangelicals and “good Christian folk” have been on all this time, and what bible you’ve read that made all of his crimes against humanity okay.

We’re still waiting for you to tell us SPECIFICALLY what he improved for you, during his first term, now that it’s nearing its end.

Inquiring minds want to know:

Sue Hirsch