It’s a law of physics: For every action, there’s a reaction.

This is not just a law of physics, but also a life lesson. This gay teen had had enough of being bullied in school, and he finally reacted:

Californians have had enough of being ignored at the polls, enough of our wildfire victims being told that we should have raked our forests, enough of having the fate of our land, air and water quality controlled by policy makers on the other side of the country, and enough of being ashamed of and embarrassed by the current administration.

It bears repeating that LGBTQAI people have had enough of being treated like second class citizens or worse:

Black and Brown people have had enough:

Women have had enough:

People with special needs and their loved ones have had enough:

Asylum seekers have had enough:

Indigenous Peoples have had enough:

And I’m sure that by now, YOU’VE had enough of my harping on the incompetence of the current administration and the mile high piles of evidence that it doesn’t care about its constituents who pay its wages. We continue to send them our taxes, to pay for their “policy making” (read: rollbacks) ever hopeful that our hard earned tax dollars will somehow measure up to those of the more powerful lobbies run by rich CEOs who just got tax breaks and laid off scores of employees to retire even richer than they were.

I’m sure that you’ve probably had enough of tRump’s tax breaks for the rich, as well, and his lack of concern for your childrens’ safety because of the bribes that he’s getting from the NRA.

And I’m sure that you are well able to understand and draw inferences from the tRump love triangle HERE.

We should all be sick to death of foreign meddling in our politics, and it has been pernicious and subtle SOME of the time:

But, maybe you’re not caught up on the true cost of our having allowed an act of treason to install a senile, bigoted, war-mongering embodiment of greed and criminal mentality into the highest office of the country. In that case, you might want to read some of my previous blog posts to refresh your memory regarding the USA’s monetary losses since he took office:

And at this point, the red states have had enough of California and her seeming hubris, and whining about how we pay more in taxes, and get less back then most of the other states, combined…… evidenced by the recent hating on California:

(Remember to check the facts on that one. I don’t know the author, and he/she uses no title before or after his/her name).

But if that’s all too infuriating or depressing for you, be sure to skip down to the end of most of my more recent posts, where I remind you that: California can do better, and therefore……..


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