What Is It With Conservatives and the Dark Ages?!

Sue Hirsch
5 min readSep 27, 2022

It’s becoming painfully obvious that the one thing that today’s Conservatives are trying to “conserve” is “The Dark Ages”. Banning books by and about girls who code is not their (“Conservatives”) opening gambit in this game of slowly whittling away at the rights of diverse groups of Americans. It isn’t even the tip of the ice- berg and the Titanic (Read: US) has already sunk.

We are all drowning in a sea of hate that was stirred to a frothing, whirling cesspool. That cesspool was created long ago, by our own beloved government. Long ago they did this when they decided that the right to vote should be reserved to rich “White” men and that women and Black people were chattel. The land was theirs to take from those who lived here before we invaded and colonized the Americas……..if we could kill the ones that stood in our way.

Of course we’re NOT responsible for what our ancestors did……… That doesn’t mean that we can allow our fellow “Man” to get away with perpetuating these crimes against humanity and expect to prosper.

But then, I hesitate to call folks my “fellow Man” when they feel the need to indulge in hate speech. “Grown- Ups” don’t feel the need to oppress others or put them down in order to feel like a member of some imagined “superior race”.

Hate speech (even in written form) is a “Hate CRIME”. It threatens the lives of those you speak against because it incites others to hate and vilify other Americans. It inspires them to do grievous bodily harm. That is the “Best Case Scenario”. (I’ll be circling back to this idea in a moment). This is IN POINT OF FACT, how the Holocaust began. Sadly:

Although the US does not have specific hate speech laws, Randy Bullard, Co-Chair of the IBA’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Law Committee, notes that this does not necessarily mean that protections do not exist for minority groups like the LGBTQI community. ‘A broad-ranging freedom of speech (without hate speech laws) can co-exist with a multitude of other important legal protections for the LGBTQI community. Laws regarding hate crimes, protections and recognitions for gay relationships and families, anti-discrimination in housing and employment and other equal protection rights for the LGBTQI community have advanced significantly over the last

Sue Hirsch