What Price Success?

Sue Hirsch
4 min readSep 18, 2022

America has completely forgotten the value of things like civility, grace, good sportsmanship, and just plain common courtesy. We have turned our focus, instead, to things like “the bottom line”, winning at all costs and putting America (read: ourselves) first.

It’s come to the point that parents can’t be trusted to stay in their own collective lane at their kids’ sporting events at schools because winning is more important, even if their kids are winning at the wrong thing.

That first link will take you to an article about a mom who was rightfully fined $9k for yelling at her kid to punch another kid during a basketball game. (Winning at the wrong thing). Her kid followed that bad advice and her victim could have DIED because she punched her in the throat.

Apparently, it’s acceptable practice now to give all toddlers a stick if one kid has a stick, so that the playing field will be leveled. By that logic, if one elementary school kid has a pistol, they should all have one and if one Jr. High Schooler has a fake id, they should all have one and the same goes for pistols and mace and even tampons.

Actually, I’d be fine with everyone around me having their own tampons. They’re harmless and it would mean that those of us who ran out could ask anyone for a spare.

Let’s talk about those pistols……..

You think anyone should be allowed to have one? What about blind people? What about people who can’t see straight because they’re addicted to substances? What about people like me with terrible eyesight and worse hand eye coordination?

Having doubts yet?

Let’s talk about those fake ids……

If one kid has one, shouldn’t they all have one? If they all had one, then why bother with the laws that say that they have to be 21 to drink, 18 to vote and 15 to get a learner’s permit?

Let’s assume that those laws AREN’T laws for a reason and consider the possible outcomes of those situations. Here’s a scenario to start:

My kid drinks at 16……and has a driver’s license. You don’t know when or where he’s going to be driving and whether or not he drank first. Do you feel safe knowing that you or your loved ones might be sharing the road with him? What could go wrong? How good is your car insurance? Your life insurance? Your medical insurance? Got a will written?

Sue Hirsch