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I just saw a commercial that claimed that a Biopharmaceutical company is able to be as great as they are, because you’re a country that fosters innovation.

If I wasn’t so sapped of energy, right now, by a bad cold, I would probably be rolling on the floor in a fit of snide chortles.

The sad truth is………

You have become a country that fosters political agendas that undermine any ability to nurture anything resembling innovation!




You are a country that cheers on the henchmen of a “president” when they separate and cage families at your borders when they come, seeking asylum. You do this, forgetful of the fact that you yourselves were once immigrants, and forgetful of the fact that immigrants helped to build the US economy.




You joyfully give your hard earned tax dollars for the building and guarding of a wall to help keep those asylum seekers out of your country……that you invaded and stole from the Indigenous People.


If you really wanted to foster innovation, you wouldn’t be kow-towing to a creature that is making policy to deport them. Instead, you might be spending your time working to get policies made that would be helpful to ALL Americans……..like my friend on Facebook who had this to say to his children:

When I went to school for my single subject credential, I agonized over everything. I wasn’t a ball of anxiety. I was anxiety, and my health suffered for it. But I got good grades. I became a good teacher. Because of that experience I am better able to empathize with my students.

Seeking my SpEd certificate is shaping itself in a similar way. I am, once again, anxiety. My sweet son asked his mother “daddy’s always doing homework. Is that why he’s cranky?”

Yes, my sweet son. That’s why I’m cranky. I’d much rather play with you and your sisters than write a synopsis of persuasive writing principles with a detailed lesson plan, make a detailed graphic representation of spelling instruction with adaptations for SN and EL students, or deconstruct abstract theories that mostly only work in direct conjunction with other abstract theories.

But if I stopped, what would you and your sisters learn? You would learn how to quit. You would learn that unless something is easy, has immidiate reward, we don’t bother with it. Well, my child. I will teach neither you nor your sisters that lesson. I will not teach that lesson because it is not who I am. It is not who I want you or your sisters to be.

(Don’t worry. I’ll get to how you too can foster a truly great nation, in case you’re unfamiliar with my blogroll).

If you really wanted to foster your own safety, you wouldn’t be accepting the deportations of your military personnel just because they have blood in their veins that you don’t consider to be “White” or “American”.




Instead, you’re fostering a culture of rape by allowing your politicians to normalize the act, no matter the age of the victim.



You’re allowing your judges to get away with soft rulings, for rapists.




These rape victims are people who might still grow up to be innovators but by allowing their abusers to go unpunished, you’re making it much harder for them to trust anyone with their innovative ideas, or even to see to their own survival based needs.



And innovation doesn’t come just from people that you consider to be “able bodied” or “normal”.


So when you back a “leader” that is making policies that make it more difficult for people with health conditions or special needs to get their medicines or medical treatments, you’re voting against your own interests and against potential innovators.

And I really have to question the IQ level of people who are still able to back their “president” in the face of endless proofs of his lying, conspiring, plotting, intimidating witnesses to his crimes.…

But maybe it has nothing to do with your IQ level. Maybe it has more to do with what you think you have to gain by empowering this bigoted, lying, incompetent creature to remain in his position of influence. Maybe you’ve clearly seen that you can openly get away with your own bigoted acts, since your “leader’s” setting the bar as low as he is.

Maybe you’ve realized that with this embodiment of entitlement and greed in power, you won’t have to make sacrifices for the greater good, when it comes to a shift to clean energy.

If that is the case, then it follows that you care nothing for your own children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, so I don’t wonder that you can sleep well at night, when you’re backing a “leader” that ordered the separation of families at your border, no matter how young the babies are.


If you cared for them, then you’d be voting out the politicians that are allowing tRump to make environmentally unfriendly policies.


Those policy changes and rollbacks will eventually do harm to all our children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, around the world.

But here’s the good news.

(Remember I told you I was going to lay out a solution?……)

The good news is that there are plenty of organizations that are on top of finding and creating solutions to your problem. (The current administration…..such as it is). I’ve told you about a couple of them, in previous blog posts, but I’ve often skimped on details.

What I can tell you, now, in a nutshell, is that I’m a member of two organizations that are working to get petitions and policies across the California Governor’s desk that will heal and unify California, make it more autonomous and make it more equal for ALL Californians.

This because California can do better, and therefore…….


Have a relevant link? Email suehirsch01@gmail.com



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