Why Do You Care?

Sue Hirsch
4 min readJul 29, 2022


For some reason, residents in the small town of Vinton Iowa took it into their heads that it was unseemly to have members of the LGBTQ+ community defiling their library.

Those pesky LGBTQ+ folks must have been messing up their Dewey Decimal system, something awful!

They must have been secretly plotting to turn young readers gay by touching every book on every shelf! Everyone knows that it’s contagious! Or maybe it was because those horrible, dirty LGBTQ+ folks were taking job positions that should have gone to good “God fearing” straight, White folks.

Oh no, wait…….The Irish, Jews and Mexicans cornered that market already.

It really doesn’t matter why the town ran LGBTQ+ staffers out of that library. The fact of the matter is that it wasn’t their place to do it. The town’s folk don’t privately OWN the library. They don’t get to choose who staff’s the library.

Yes, it’s a public library. That means that LGBTQ+ people get to make use of it just like everyone else.

Reading books isn’t going to turn anyone gay. If that were possible, then I would have turned into a jolly, little, brown haired lady with a hump on my back, living in an upside down house! I read a lot of Mrs. Piggle- Wiggle when I was young. Or maybe I would be a Greek or Roman Goddess by now, because I read a lot of myths and legends when I was young, too.

Nope and nope. I just checked the mirror. No hump on my back and, sadly, I’m no where near as beautiful as a goddess. Oh the injustice of it all.

But back to the LGBTQ+ library staff: I’m assuming that anyone that really WANTED the librarian job had ample opportunity to fill out an application. After all, they had enough time to whip themselves into a frenzied mob of rabid, hateful bigots and chase out the LGBTQ+ library staff members.

“Homophobia” and “The Gay Agenda” are religious and political propaganda and bigots are lapping up the lies because it’s convenient and because it gives them license to be horrible, violent people.

I have phobias too.

I’m deathly afraid of heights, and get vertigo but I DON’T tell people that they can’t go up high or try to run them out of town for going to high places because they’re “triggering” my phobia. I do the sensible…

Sue Hirsch