Wrapped in the Flag

Yes. This man is kneeling on a ball field, before Man and God, and neither your hypothetical god nor your flag seem to be purterbed.

If there was a god, and that god cared, would he/she/it not side with the meek and the wronged? On the other hand,……….. if there was a god and that god were to side with those who impose oppression and injustice on other “god- fearing” folk, then would the victims not be struck down by that god?

Kaepernick lives on.

Presumably your omnipotent and omniscient entity (no matter who’s side he/she/it is on) isn’t as thin skinned as our not so fearless leader, who WAS offended, AND threatened enough by Kaepernick’s silent statement, that he insisted that the athlete had to be fired from a job that was the main source of income for his family. That could have meant one more family on the dole.

Your tax dollars pay for the dole. They also pay for the military that fought for Kaepernick’s right to free speech, right to vote, and right to a livelihood. They fought for your’s and mine, as well. I, for one, intend to get what I paid for.

Oddly enough, the incompetent and unstable creature, currently running our government, dodged military service FIVE TIMES, claiming that he had bone spurs in his heels, and was then seen to be playing golf, while his compatriots fought in those 5 wars. That means:

5 other men had to go to war in his place.

  • I wonder where they’re buried.

It pulls no weight with me.

Nor does saluting a piece of pretty fabric hoisted up a pole, and singing a pretty tune, in unison with a ball park or full of people, doing the same thing.

That pretty tune, and the energy of pride all around me, when I stood up to salute, with my hand over my heart, used to carry me up into the clouds, and make my heart explode with that same pride in my country, because I THOUGHT we had learned our history lessons and become a truly great nation:

  • Of how we came to be in this land of The Americas………….by violent invasion

THAT NATION, that I believed had learned those lessons, was the nation that my childhood self saluted, during the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance, until those words and motions were so ingrained in me, that I forgot to question if words were matched to deeds.

Of course, (in my own defense) I was living a sheltered life. I went to a prestigious grade school. The trials and tribulations of people that were different from me were unknown to me. I simply didn’t see Women, Black People and Latino Peoples going home to their families with a pay check that totaled half of the paycheck of their “White”, male colleague for the same work. I didn’t hear of people being passed over for promotions because they weren’t “White males”. I didn’t know anything about a school to prison pipeline that involved young Black children going to jail more frequently and for lesser offenses than their “White” peers.

I’m no longer a child. I see clearly, now, that the system is not only broken, but was never meant to serve those who were not White, rich and male.

That is not a thing in which any of us should take pride!

There is hope, for those of us willing to admit to the failures of the system, and willing to risk walking away (when you walk away from a bully, he has no one to torment) from that system to build something new and better……….FOR EVERYONE. That hope is called:


Cal Con Con has written up an initiative that requires amendments to the US Constitution. It requires that some amendments be reworded, reworked and added, in order to better protect the rights of individuals, nature, and states.

It would not only protect CALIFORNIA’S state rights, but the rights of ALL STATES. It would protect the state’s rights to allocate taxes, protect it’s lands and water, and protect it’s citizens from federal machinations. We’ve had a chance to learn from our mistakes. Now it’s time to improve. Check out: https://www.calconcon.com/



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Sue Hirsch

Activist, Author, Secular Humanist, National of California, Wife, Mom, Daughter