Your Voice [Here…..]

We, your fellow Californians, spoke up on your behalf, at a press conference.

If you feel that we took liberties, or that you weren’t well represented, we’d love to hear from you at our next press conference. Our next Calexit press conference will be December 1st, and all are welcome to chime in, either in person, or via social media.

We don’t ask anyone to ascribe to any particular school of thought or to voice any opinion other than one that is authentically their own. In fact, we prefer and encourage open and honest discussion and respectful debate.

The Calexit organization, along with Yes California are on a mission to make California the best NATION that she can be, and we know that the best way to achieve that goal, is to ask and face the tough questions, such as:

Why leave the union and can we do it, legally?

How will life be better, after we leave the union?

Will some aspects of life be harder, if we leave the union, and how will we deal with that?

With what system will California replace capitalism, and what will that look like?

What will trade with the rest of the world look like, for California, once she is a sovereign nation?

Does the liberation of California require civil war? Will we be inviting civil war with the rest of the US, or opening ourselves to being preyed on by other countries who will take advantage of California being on her own?

Will California have enough water, if she cuts herself off from the current administration, and will it still be safe to drink?

Will our traffic lights still work? Will we still be able to get to our jobs?

Where will our taxes go, and will we have to pay more taxes?

Will California welfare programs be able to continue without funding from the US?

Our members are not just rabble rousers. They hold jobs in your community. They are lawyers, historians, analysts, etc. They have put on their thinking caps to answer these questions, and more.

They have also gone out on a proverbial limb for California, time and again. They have put themselves in harm’s way, at protests, and they have stepped up to the plate, in opening relations with our Native American communities.

That last requires adherence to strict protocols that vary, depending on which tribe is being invited to dialog.

And now we are inviting YOU to the table, also.

We invite you, because unlike members of the current administration who reside nowhere near California and are therefore unconcerned with the will of their California constituency, WE want to hear from you.

We want to hear from you, and from your friends and family. YOU will bring up more of the tough and relevant questions that we all need to face, in order to make California into a nation in name as well as in essence.

California has always been a sovereign nation.

We did not ask to join the union, but were annexed, in a time when we were more like Mexicans, than we were like “Whites”. We had, in fact, BEEN Mexicans, up until that point, and to this day, we have a culture of our own, that is very much based in a Native American/Mexican heritage. Many of our roads have Mexican and Native American names, and many of our foods come from that side of our ancestral line.

The US failed to recognize and respect us and our Mexican/Native American heritage, from the beginning, and continues to fail us to this day. Only SOME Native American tribes are officially recognized for the sake of government aid, and the current administration is overstepping its legal bounds, in attempting to litigate how California protects her own air quality by regulating auto emissions.

We want to know how YOU feel about an uncaring politician, across the country making policy that affects the air you breathe.

We want to know how YOU feel about that politician being paid off by the NRA so that you doubt the wisdom of sending your child to school, for fear that you’ll never see them again.

We want to know how YOU feel about that politician being paid off by big pharma to look the other way regarding price gouging. A reality that has already killed many.

We want to know how YOU feel about the current administration having dealings with Saudi Arabia that encourage gas moguls to raise prices at the pump.

We want to know how YOU feel about politicians across the country profiting from prisons here in California.

We want to know how YOU feel about a politician in DC personally profiting from turning public schools into religion indoctrinating institutions.

These things are happening, and if you are okay with it, we’re happy to hear you say so. On the other hand, if any of these things upset you, we believe that it is because you are thinking critically, and realizing that California can do better and………..


Activist, Author, Secular Humanist, National of California, Wife, Mom, Daughter